Vanco Dimmers?


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Environmental awareness might turen out to be really great for me. or it might not.

I was just alerted to a interesting organization called Freecycle. its a world wide group of people who in an effort to reduce waste post via the internet things they want to get rid of. these things are a small as a vial of un opened cough syrup to in my case "12 dimmers 3k for theeaterical lighting"

seeing free dimmers certainly caught my attention and i contacted the guy getting rid of them. It being late i neglected to grill him with questions regarding wha the dimmers are. the only infor i got were that 6 out of the twelve dimmeres were working
it's 3k
its made by Vanco (who does seem to have record of it on its website. i did find some dimmers made by them via google but they did not leave me w/ any useful info)
and that a pickup truck is required for well, pick up. (i doubt this to be true)

Figuring that there must be some one here whose heard of Vanco i though i'd ask if anyone could identify these dimmers using the very limited info
and fill me in if they are worth the trouble of obtaining
Heard of the brand, never used them. For the most part, anyone making a 3Kw dimmer should have made a fairly rugged dimmer pack. Or at least one that is easy to repair. What language it speaks if any is another question but given the pickup truck, my guess is that it's probably a old rotary pack with lever arms or dials.

If nothing else, it's a dimmer to put away and strip for hardware and parts if not otherwise useful. Often there is lots of parts one can salvage even from a dimmer pack that's beyond it's usefulness. This assuming it's something ancient.
Vanco, owned by Teddy Vanco, is a major lighting rental company just north of NYC. They supply lighting for broadway shows and the one off corporate events in and around the city. I've worked on probably 100+ shows with their gear and it is all top flight.
Thanks for the info guys, so yeah i'll call the guy up to see whats cookin. worst that happens i end up stuck with it

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