Vari-lite VL1KTS

I am getting a vari-lite vl1kts donated to our theater for an award we won...I have a vari-lite guy coming out on monday 10/10/05 to train with the fixture and all that fun stuff. Now the problem is I can not find a Personality for the VL1KTS for the ETC expression 3 light board anywhere. ETC does not have it on their website and so I am stuck either creating one myself or getting one from another source. If anyone has the personality for this fixture and could help me out or help me out in any other way that would be much appreciated. The light is a Vari-lite VL1000 Tungsten Shutter. Thanks.
This is a duplicate post.
You want the TS if you find it.
Word of advice about these things: they are slow and BIG, they don't break a lot though. One main problem we've had with these is the metal plates on the inside of the yoke wil loose its screws and eventually fly off. We get them taped back every other show. I would get the screws replaced and use LockTite on them all as soon as you get the unit.
I can't help you with the profile, but let me know anything else you need about it. They're easy to use, but you gotta keep an eye on them, especially because of their size!

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