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    So I'll try to explain the best way I understand how this should work.

    The idea is to fill the room with video projections/playback. Our setup would be composed of various video playback ( LED Wall, Plasma TVs around the area, and if the venue can accommodate, we'll hang projectors in the way that above the TVs there will also be video playing)
    We will only be playing almost the same video for all the screens. I say almost because there will be a part where the person on the video on the LED wall will be talking and the other projector's person will butt in on the far corner of the room, and then another projector's person on the opposite side will also butt in, and while the it is talking, the other screens will be black to give attention to that certain projector This is the part where it gets tricky and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to do it.
    I was thinking to just have a different versions of the video to be played simultaneously, but that would require several video playbacks per projectors and tvs, and there's a higher risk of not being played at the same time.
    The other option is to have only one version of the video to be played only on one playback and to manually close or turn off the TVs whenever the projector will start to "talk".

    Is this possible? What other options do I have?

    Thanks a lot!
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    Easiest way to do it would be editing the content properly first, I would get individual media files each on playing on a specific screen that all are synced and fed to a specific television, embedded audio can then be routed from each source video to the appropriate speakers for each display. Though with 4+ screens you're looking at a decent amount of processing power.
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    What I understand is that you have basically three outputs, some of which will need to be muted. Do you know if all three will be the same resolution? If so, you have a few options including using something like Matrox triple head 2 go and then send your three outputs to the required displays and then deal with muting all but three of them for your one scene. That way you have a single playback. Now, if you have a mixture of resolutions, this will become more complicated.
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