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Working on VWSL 12.5 on a MacBook Pro. Need to find a way to make my lighting positions (pipes) be subservient to the instruments (i.e. so I don't have the pipe symbol cutting through the fixture symbol when I print). The pipes and the instruments are on separate layers. Is there a layer option (aside from opacity) that will essentially "break and trim" a specific layer in reference to object in another layer for plotting purposes? What is the work around for this? Would really like to avoid putting the pipes on the same layer as the instruments and using the "send to back" command.

Similarly -- as you can tell, I tend to put instruments and pipes on separate layers. Would it make more sense to just make them separate classes? I haven't worked with classes much. Would this be advantageous? Help!


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You can change the order of layers, but I'm not sure if that will do what you're looking for. I usually do this sort of thing in classes, but I can't exactly remember how to do what you're doing now. I usually just put one class "behind" another.


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If you simply change the stacking order or the layers it will work like you want it to. In the navigation pallet just drag the position layer below the lights or bring up the edit layers window by clicking the box near the layer drop down menu.

Picture the layers like sheets of transparencies, the layer with the lowest number is on top, the next layer is below that and so on. You only see what the top layer will let you see.


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Like everyone has said, you can order the layers. Another analogy is to layers in Photoshop.

Also, make sure that your symbols for the lights are opaque (or have a white fill), that should help as well.

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