vectorworks problem

hello, i made a rough draft of a light plot last night. today, when i went to revise it, all the ETC S4 36* lights are no longer there. the 36* text is where the lights where, but no body is there. i saved it multipul times after i added those fixtures. when i got to add another 36* S4 just the 36* text shows up.

any ideas on whats happening and how to fix it?

much thanks
well arent we just one to pick up new software.... I am running 11.5 currently, though of of my friends just picked up 12 and i'll ask him.... it very well could be a bug... can you see the fixture in 3d?.... the classes and layers stacks are a bit different in 12 then any previous version...
A question:

Did you create/convert the unit symbols to lighting instruments ?.

It sounds like the link between the drawn objects and the symbol(s) that the objects are made up from got lost. The unit symbol is usually composed of separate parts, thus the drawn body is a separate symbol from the text of the degree, all of which usually get grouped and then a "master" symbol is created (S4/36 as example). If you didn't create a high level object, which is what happens when you create a lighting instrument/light position, etc..., then it's easier to lose the symbol link.

Have you tried selecting the lost objects and doing a Find and Modify, with Selection Status is True, change to S4/36 symbol, as example.

Just out of curiosity are you seeing it as a thumbnail in your resourse library?

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