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I just got Vectorworks 11.

I was wondering if there are any good online tutorials. Im mostly using spotlight.

I have been using Softplot, and got pretty good at it. So anything to help make this transition easier would be appreciated

A specific problem i'm having is i cannot add lighting objector to lighting locations.

For some reason when i click on the lighting location, it does not connect to it. Is there anything special i need to do to get it to hook up to a lighting location?

I read the tutorial and it said just click on the lighting position.

I know i am missing something stupid
I am sorry I cant help much, I dont have any experience with that software, the only thing I can suggest is a google search. You might be supprised what I will turn up. dont be afraid to try a bunch of different combos of your search phrase. Sorry I cant help more :-( hopefully someone here will be able to help!
I have a Vectorworks Tutorial in a box somewhere. I wish I had time to revise it and post it but I am leaving Saturday morning and I have tons to do... I probably will have time in the next few weeks to update it and revise it. Maybe I'll be able to get something up here soon.

There are a few books out there for $15 that will teach you in's and outs of the program.
I have the one we did in my school. I don't particularily love it, WYSIWYG is my friend.
Still, you have to creat a lighting position in VW...a truss or bar, you can't just hang stuff in mid-air. Make sure thats the case.
Inaki2 wrote:

"Still, you have to create a lighting position in VW...a truss or bar, you can't just hang stuff in mid-air".

Kind of like the real world, wouldn't you say ?.

Seriously though, one of the early complaints of A-Cad, from which WYG is derived, was the inability of AutoCAD to understand the relationship between a unit and a pipe, and I recall many complaints about a pipe drawn through the unit. VW did some things better, which is why it's gotten popular.

I've recieved something like 8 different VW files this season alone from companies visiting our road house, plus a few more in Lightwright alone. I have yet to see anyone using either AutoCAD or WYSIWYG.

I myself will be learning WYG by next summer when we install ETC Emphasis, but I'm very glad I learned VW when I did and will continue to use it and Lightwright for my primary drafting and paperwork.

Oh I'm not saying its not a great program. My main issue is I can't get it. I find WYG to be my weapon of choice simply because I get along with it. I'd love to be more experienced in VW, but WYG just works for me. I can draft a show in WYG in no time. I do know WYG has its issues which sometimes bug the hell out of me, but me and VW just don't seem to like each other.
vectorworks training

Nemetschek offers a learning series on CD's. They work on mac and pc's. They also offer in person training at many locations around the us. check their web site.
Also a very nice professor used to post a online tutorial. I don’t have the link but if I can find it, l’ll post it.
Yes that is definetly one of the best tutorials around. So u were the RenderWorks guy huh? How did that work out for you?
I've been really busy and haven't had a chance to try it out yet, what with school starting, show opening tomorrow and the like. However, once everything settles down, i'll let you know.

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