Anyone know of a good place to get a copy; I'm gettin kind of tired of being up at the uta computer labs til 3 am.
well you can either pay the hundreds of dollars, or you can look around on any services like limewire, kazaa, etc. it works best to search both for the program and the registration code sperately. though i certainly didn't do that.
I wouldn't download it from Kazaa or limewire or any P2P network... Because one of the easiest ways to infect a computer with a trojan or backdoor program is to infect a file on a P2P network.

Unscrupulous individuals can easily embed these programs into the portion of the file that they offer to the P2P network.
Both fo the sites mentioend above are good for getting software at K-12 rate given a xerox of a student id or program. The license will say that you can't use it for commercial purposes, but its fine for doing the school play or what have you. I tend to agree with Dave - it's not worth your trouble being a pirate and downloading the software that way. By the time you find it, download it, figure out hwo to install it, clean up any mess it makes, and so forth, you'll likely have expended more of your time in dollars than the cost of the program...

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