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VHF Radios + FOH Equipment

Discussion in 'Sound, Music, and Intercom' started by Oobleck1441, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Oobleck1441

    Oobleck1441 Member

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    Im looking into some VHF radios for our venue staff. Going between these two makes:

    RDV 2020 On-Site Two-Way Radio - Motorola USA

    Blackbox Radios

    But choosing is not my only problem. If we end up purchasing these VHF's I would like to have a base station in the booth just because alot of times I am in the booth and need to get ahold of my staff.

    Does anyone know, or can give me some facts: I'm wondering with a base station in the booth with sound equipment will create a buzz in teh equipment or if I was to have a handheld radio in the booth with me that I would use would it create any interference or humming? Thanks!
  2. mnfreelancer

    mnfreelancer Active Member

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    Minneapolis, MN
    High powered UHF and VHF business type radios can cause major problems if you're using consumer type electronics in any capacity with your gear. At my highschool we used this little executive shelf system cd player as a backup for the marantz rack-mount unit, and anytime it was playing a CD and a radio was keyed within about six feet of it, it would power cycle, obviously stopping playback and go into standby. Some CRT monitors, like the ones on older lighting consoles also will not like it. I solved the problem by stepping our 5 watt radios into 1 watt low-power mode, and by making sure all show-critical equipment was RF shielded.
  3. avkid

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    Howell, NJ
    The RDV 2020 is available in only 1 and 2 watt models.
    You should not have trouble with this amount of power.

    The Blackbox radios have a good reputation and are affordable.
    Be sure to buy from a dealer and not direct from the manufacturer as dealers will give you much better prices.

    When you do start buying make to standardize on either a model or at least a series.

    At the moment I am building up an inventory of Motorola XTN VHF radios.
  4. mbenonis

    mbenonis Wireless Guy Administrator Premium Member

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    Chicago, IL
    Unless you are operating on the five MURS frequencies (in the US, and I highly advise you to do so), you WILL need a license to use these radios. Your dealer will be able to help you obtain one, but make absolutely sure you are legal. The fines are very steep if someone reports unlicensed use. :)

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