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As video is increasingly becoming a part of live production, many new technicians as well as the seasoned professional look for resources for training. Many of us do not have the luxury of going to school (or changing schools to find one that teaches video), but still want to advance our skills. This article will highlight resources currently available, either free or at cost, online or materials required (book/dvd). Please feel free to include additional resources as they are discovered, give a short description including cost if applicable. Topics can be anything video/projection related, even if they also contain other information (like audio on audio/visual sites).

Here are a few websites to get started.

Online Resources
Da-lite Education This is a series of articles (now in two collections) that Da-lite screen manufacturer offers for free.

Extron Electronics Training Extron Electronics offers free articles about video signals, processing, and distribution.

InfoComm International Audiovisual (AV) OnDemand Videos This link is to InfoComm International's training videos. There are some of the courses for a fee to help you prepare for the CTS exams.

Black Box resources This manufacturer offers free articles that will help you with some basics of networking. They also offer video presentations that describe their solutions to networks.

Projector Central This is a great resource when comparing projectors or getting user manuals. The selected page is the buyer's guide which will help you learn some common elements to consider when buying a projector.

Video University This is a list of free articles, mainly for video capture (videographer business). An example of a well written article is on Color Bars and How to Use Them.

Live Design This particular article is helpful in developing content for your media players. It also includes a lot of links to content providers. Browse around the Projection Gear portion of the website for many other great articles.

Media College This free online resource will help you to capture and produce digital media.

Artbeats This website not only offers quality royalty-free video content (that doens't mean free, but once you buy it you have the right to use it without paying royalties), they also offer free tutorials in how to develop your media content.

Videomaker Magazine This site is for capture and editing video content. There are a lot of great articles with a How-To and Beginner's Guide section to help get you started.

Technologies For Worship Magazine - Video Articles featured in TFWM, limited to video applications. Some articles are not archived on the website so you would have to purchase back issues of the magazine if you wanted to read those specifically. Geared towards the HoW market, but good basic information.

Church Production Magazine Articles Same as TFWM, this has been limited to the video articles in Church Production Magazine.

Lighting Trainer A website that gathers free information from manufacturers to demonstrate specific gear.

InfoComm Bookstore

Video Demystified: A Handbook for the Digital Engineer

Projection Displays

How Video Works

Audio/Video Protocol Handbook
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