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Video: Apollo laser gobos

Discussion in 'LDI 2010' started by gafftaper, Oct 27, 2010.

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    Our good friend [user]Kelite[/user] a.k.a. Keith to the rest of the world. Talks about how amazingly accurate and environmentally friendly their laser production process is.
    [user]Phil Haney[/user] left and [user]Jchenault[/user] inspect the Apollo 7,700 word gobo with a flashlight and Jewler's loupe. The text was so small that John could make out that it was there but couldn't read the letters. I was just barely able to make out some of the letters. We are talking resolution that is seriously off the scale.

    The 7,700 word gobo

    Here's what the camera saw through the Jewler's Loupe

    Here's a closeup of the text Kelite describes in the video below.

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