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The only shows I've done with video content have been fundraisers. Video content was mostly supplied by the sponsors (Bacardi, Smirnoff, etc.) and then layered over the stock Catalyst stuff.
I have done a few shows with video, but not really really for lighting, more for effects: I/E adding a swirl to smoke and showing a montage of pictures in the background during a dance show.

Personally, my budget is too small to ever afford buying video clips. Instead, I use G-Force ( ) to record my own effects, or I take a video camera and make my own video, or I use my computer to make my own video!

That being said, your site looks cool, and the videos look neat. Nice work!
When i did the laramie project we shoot 3 hours of original footage it was etitded down in final cut pro. then i created any titiels nessceary and ran it all off of a g5 tower and a matrox card with a break out boxd derct in to the projector with a dmx blinder used to black out the projector there were over 250 video cues and they were set up in a go order and as i called them they were played if you want to know more about the set up just email me .

Jon Hirsh
[email protected]
I've done all kind of stuff with video, anything from the typical screen for corporate stuff, to video jockeys for raves. I have used video for sets also, and I'm a big fan of using big animated screens for backdrops. I'm still to use video as "lighting" per se, but I will soon hopefully
For major tours, I would guesstimate 80% is either stock from previous music videos, or content designed and specifically created for the show (not stock stuff.) Of the remaining 20%, I would guess 15% for stock full screen textures (fire,water, clouds, and other texture patterns, with the remaining being other non-texture stock footage.
Tours I've done recently and their content:
Sheryl Crow: Mostly custom animation & video. Stock footage of tornados, historical war scenes, Artbeats explosions (see

Fleetwood Mac: Some old footage of Fleetwood Videos and concerts, some Artbeats water textures, and the rest custom content for the show

Elton John: 90% custom animations and Music Video clips, with a few fire and water textures.

Hope it helps and good luck.

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