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Tomorrow I'm going to be doing sound for a violinist. In fact the only instrument will be a violin. I plan to mic it with a Shure SM81 above the violin 8-12 inches, my other options are a 57, and some mic by Crown I'm not even sure what it is. I was wondering what the best method is to get a good sound. In terms of EQ what frequencys are good and bad for a violin? My EQ has a sweeping (maybe parametric I'm not certain) low and high and parametric low mid and high mid, as any advice is appreciated. Also is a little reverb a good idea? Thanks for the advice!
I'm not exactly certain. The violinist is now down to one song and I'm thinking I'm not going to go to the trouble of hooking up a SM81. I'll just throw a clip on a stand and use a wireless 87. I'm sure an 87 isn't optimal, but its just one song, and I almost feel like I would be foolish to unhook a mic, drag it into another channel, pull an XLR off of something, mess up all of the channel's settings, I'll just grab a vocal mic and I'll match it to one of the others next to it. I still am interested in techniques for a violin. All I know about the music is they were calling it a soilder song or something like that. 8O
I know that for serious violins (jazz, and rock) you can by some pretty nice pickup, with a 1/4" plug, most of the time you'll see it on the underside of the violin or over the soundpost (a little wooden post under the bridge that is very important to the sound.) when its not competeing with anything else too lound, a violin can create pretty loud sound if played right. i would assume that most concert hall do mic violin concertos but with some sort of shot gun or something form a distance. this is the better option because a pickup dulls the violins sound.
If its a violin solo and your space has semi good acousitcs dont bother with a mic unless asked by the musician.

save your self the trouble dont even sugest it.

:D you've got to love hearing twinkle twinkle little star played by a cute kid. now listening to your sister practice the song over and over and over again, thats priceless (well maybe a couple of bucks for earplugs...) :wink:

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