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Dec 20, 2007
Chicago, Illinois, United States
So I was asked today to look into some visualizer software that we are gonna use with our Hog IPC and our ETC express 72/144. I know about wysiwyg, and love it, its just too expensive, but was introduced today to ESP vision. We don't have anyone that knowledgeable with vectorworks do really draft our theater out well enough, nor does the college have a license for vectorworks. so we'd have to get both for ESP vision. and then theres Capture. Which I'm not very familiar with, although i've seen it before. We have capital money to buy this software, so WYSIWYG is still an option, but how are these other programs compared to WYSIWYG? And is WYSIWYG really worth the price?




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Aug 21, 2007
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There is a one-year FREE student license for Vectorworks, so that might help.

I was under the impression that ESP-Vision was more expensive than WYSIWYG.

Now the rest is coming from me, who has never used any visualization software other than my brain which can be at times quite soft, so take it for what you will. I have and do work with professionals who use this software all the time, for high profile corporate and awards shows, not theatre.

WYSIWYG is the oldest and most mature, it's on what R21? Those I work with who can afford anything seem to prefer ESP-Vision. PreLite Studios, which does nothing but pre-vis, uses Vision, as does DigitalStageChicago.

I would also look into Martin Show Designer, as a lower cost, but still workable alternative. Don't know anything about Capture, other than it's an up-and-comer.

Hope this helped a little.


Nov 30, 2007
I would also look into Martin Show Designer, as a lower cost, but still workable alternative.
Maybe it's because I find the precision tools in more full featured drafting software, but I can't stand MSD. I have to use it to make visualizer files for our Maxxyz, and I find it extremely cumbersome. Some people like it for sure, but I'm afraid I don't see the appeal.

Anyone out there had a better experience?

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