Conventional Fixtures VL 3000/3500 Issues


Hey there,

Having an issue with a mover on my tour. It decided to stop working the other night. The only thing it wants to do now, after replacing the power supply, is turn on and back off repeatedly about 1 sec in between each.

I've swapped all the major parts with new to try and sniff out the issue. (PCB, ballast, Ignitor, Ignitor Relay)...

I've metered the power in through the power supply and everything seems normal. Hopefully this is an easy fix, and my tired eyes have simply overlooked something simple.

Thanks for your help!


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Could be a bad wiring harness in the head creating a short. Try connecting the logic board to the power supply without all the other connections and see if you get stable power up of the logic board.


Thank you both lightman02 and EdSavole, I'll will give this a look tomorrow. Hopefully this is the case and then the hunt can begin to find the short.

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