Automated Fixtures VL1100 maintenance issues

Hey all, I have a bunch of VL1100's about 6 years old and they have repeated problems with the edge mechanism. The lens assembly seems to get sticky and the motor can't move it all the way in one direction. I thought maybe some simple graphite lube might help but the mechanisms seem to come from the manufacturer dry. I don't want to introduce a potential contaminant.

Does anyone have any experience with these units or this problem? Any advice or info would be appreciated. I talked to VL about it last year but didn't really get a satisfactory answer. I'll try again but I thought I might try you all.



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Pictures would help.

First thought is if it’s a dry fitted item eventually it will wear away due to movement friction. Making the lens assembly small and enough to not slide properly. You could lube one that is on its last leg as your tester and see how it performs.

However depending on your facility conditions adding lube to something not normally lubed will like you said attract stuff inside and could make it worse.

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