Automated Fixtures VL1100 Troubleshooting


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Feb 10, 2010
Upstate NY
My theatre has been closed for renovations since October, and hasn't had a show in since last March. Over that time, to install air conditioning, they took out the entire ceiling over the house; therefore all of the fixtures were removed and flown out over the stage. We're just in the final stages of getting the house turned back over to us, and so we started reinstalling fixtures.

*The issue*
I have two VL1100s on a foh electric. The first one reinstalled fine, went through its start up sequence and is behaving normally. The second however keeps the gobo wheel moving, permanently. It does shut off at times during the calibration sequence, but once it's homed it never shuts off. Any thoughts? I'm not a moving light tech, but I'm not completely unfamiliar with them and can do some basic maintenance/troubleshooting. I've attached a video of the entire calibration sequence to see if that provides any clues.

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Dec 7, 2011
My gut reaction is that your sensor isn't seeing the magnet in the wheel. I haven't been inside of one of those fixtures in particular, but I've seen it on lots of others.
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Feb 15, 2017
There is/was a tiny magnet attached to (or imbedded in) the gobo wheel and there is a Hall Effect sensor that "sees" that magnet. Either the magnet is missing (Martin glued their magnets), the Hall Effect sensor has gone bad or come unplugged (or has damaged wiring). These are the most common failure modes, but there are others.

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