This should be a straight forward prop, but every time I encounter trays and glasses I get scared just a but. I normally encounter them as items that must separate but in my next production they must be attached and never move. I want to use a standard restaurant serving tray and put two water glasses and a water pitcher on them. All of these would be plastic. What are your best suggestions for affixing the items to the tray so they never move, even if upside down? Also what is the best way to attach a hand strap without it being visibly attached to the tray? Also need to know for a production coming up this summer.

Maybe someone knows how they were done for the revival of On the 20th Century where they were swung around within an inch of their life.

Thanks in advance!!!


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Some sort of double sided tape or a glue?
The strap could be painted the colour of the tray, and then the colour of actor's hand / glove for the section where it shouldn't exist


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If the Glasses HAVE to be glass then I can only suggest using something like one of the many available tapes from 3M in their VHB line Try looking here
If you can use plastic then I'd Suggest using clear epoxy and simply gluing them to the platter.
For a handle you might try something like pop riveting a D ring and Keeper onto the back of the platter. The actor/dancer would then only have to slip a single finger through the d-ring. Or they could all wear white cotton gloves with Rare earth magnets sewn into the palms, if you can find a metal tray that is magnetic.


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Glove made out of velcro. Would be a PITA to get the tray off but maybe that could be part of the act *shrug*

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