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I just read yesterday that Congress is trying to pass through legislation that would push the FCC to open TV frequencies to unlicensed wireless devises (such as garage door openers, wireless phones, et cetera). They claim that these devises could utilize the "white space" between tv channels that nothing occupies. However - what many fail to realize is that this is the space that wireless microphones and IEM use.

If the FCC opens these frequencies it will mean uncontrollable interference. Not a good thing for anyone using wireless mics or iems. Churches, schools, trade shows, theaters, national touring acts, restraunts, et cetera...will all be affected.

The public forum has closed on this issue, but you can still write letters to your congressmen and to the FCC.
Anyone who is interested in further reading, check out the theater sound list-serve archives. You can google them. There was a really interesting discussion there.

As far as future possibilities are concerned, I know that there are extreme limitations to Bluetooth- particularly where range is concerned- but there is a company (the same one that made Autotune) which has already come out with Bluetooth wireless guitar systems. I am fairly certain that they're hard at work developing a mic system as well. So who knows what could happen.


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Sabine makes a 2.4 GHz wireless mic system, but the reviews I've heard are not-so-good. This is a major issue, and the wireless companies are lobbying to keep these devices out of the spectrum, but the consumer electronics companies have orders of magnitude more money to throw at the problem. Write to your congressmen and tell them what you think. Remind them that theatre would not be possible with microphones, as well as churches, football games, and their favorite - fundraisers!
Sabine makes a 2.4 GHz wireless mic system, but the reviews I've heard are not-so-good.
I would love to see these "not so great" reviews. I have only ever heard good things about them, and we have never had any problems with our 24 channel Sabine setup while touring.

I can personally point you to several professional reviews in favor of the product:

And I was able to find one somewhat negative review...
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