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Hi everyone,
I was wondering how I would program a warm-up macro into my light board (ETC Express 125). I want this macro to bring everything (1-36) up slowly (5 or 10 count fade) up to 40 or so, wait about 10 or 20 secounds, and then slowly fade out (also, 5 or 10 count).

I know how to do this with cues, but since at my school I do most stuff on the fly, I want the ability to run it without needing to have a cue programed in.

I am not sure if this will work but try recording the macro using the "sneak" button if your board has it. That should allow you to slowly bring the lights up..then back down..then back up again. But it may have to be a timed macro so it doesnt all happen at once but on the timing that you use when you record it.
Unfortunately you can't use features that are activated using softkeys (a la Sneak) in a macro on the ETC boards. Rather than a macro, you might think about using a submaster bump button. The keystrokes to do this would be as follows:

[Stage] [Chan] 1 [Thru] 36 [@] 40 [Rec] 1 [Enter] [Time] 10 [Enter] 20 [Enter] 10 [Enter] [Rel]

And when you want to warm the lights, just hit the bump button underneath submaster 1.

Of course, it's your call whether to put it on submaster 1 or 5 or 24. This eats up a submaster button, but that's the way to get a fade into your warmup "macro".

Ours is a true macro, and just captures all the channels at 15%. To cancel it, you just press [Rel].
Whats to be confused about?
it must be that my board has different buttons
Those are pretty much the most important terms. Softkeys are buttons whose functions aren't global, but software-defined depending on what mode the board is in at a given time. The long sequence was just a set of keystrokes that will work on an Express 125 (I am very familiar with the compatible Express 250).

Macros are an easy way to execute a useful long string of keystrokes, such as a warm up or saving the show to disk. However, there are limitations on what can be put into a macro, and softkeys are off-limits. The Sneak feature that JP mentioned is accessed with a softkey on the ETC consoles, so it can't be used in a macro, although that method would work if you were to just type in the warm. ([Sneak] 1 [Thru] 36 [@] 40 [Time] 10 [Enter] followed by [Sneak] 1 [Thru] 36 [@] 00 [Time] 10 [Enter] [Rel])
you people and your software , my dos doesn't care
Ooh saving the show with a single push of the button? I may never forget again! Mind posting what to do for that?

IF you have manual cross faders and time sliders, you could set your scenes a & b, st teh time for each and then just run the first preset up, after thats done, when you're ready run the second one, etc.

What I would consider doing for thisis reserve the bottom 50 or 100 cues on your console for stock stuff that never gets deleted. If you have 600 cues, make 500 - 600 cues for house lights, warmups, etc. Makes things alot easier when you're on the five minute prep plan.
No time fader I don't think. Besides too much work.
I'm going to try some of those things out in the offline editor. I really want to be able to start the cue, then climb out of the booth, go onto the stage and see if all of the instruments are on and working, as well as warming up the lamps.

I'll try some of those in the offline editor and see what ends up working.
The ETC Express 125 can have macros controled via a small port on the back. I have a 4 button box that I plug in the console that I put by the door. They run macors 1996,1997, 1998,1999. Usually I have them as works on , works off, 30 sec delay off, and panic.

Anyways to make a macro to warm lights to the following:











This will make M1 turn all the channels on to 20 percent. Then when they are warm press release to turn them off.

I use this for my work lights:





this is the macro editing area thingie...

M2 (Choose any macro number to edit)

then you can enter the same macro but have it do time delays:
















The above will run when you press M2. It will turn on all the channels ( edit that part for your works channels) to 10 percent for 5 seconds and then will bring everything to full before exiting the macro.

You could do a whole bunch of time delays and eventually get to 40 percent, but there is no real way to have channels fade in a macro. I would suggest using a Sub with a time on it. Follow the directions of the above post... When all else fails read the manual, its online at etcconnect.com

Just let me know if you have more questions...

ecglstec has it, Learn is the way to do it, I think it's the only way you can program soft keys into macros.
could my colortran scenemaster 60 plus do anything like that?
Toul, I think I'm going to do what you said, programed into sub 23 (24 is house lights). I just tried it on the offline editor, and it worked perfectly well, so I think that will be the easiest thing to do.

Thanks everyone for the input.
Correct me if I'm wrong. A lot of these functions you guys are naming could easily be controlled by a DMX memory controller. Do you guys just run your consoles 24/7? What do you use to turn on the lights in the dark theater when you say enter a stage door or go directly to the house. Don't you guys have little DMX terminals to turn out some sort of light by each door. At my school we have this basic ETC memory console that has all kinds of presets saved on it, it also controls all the work lights, house lights, sconces, etc with a flick of a switch. It also has adjustable intensity w/faders for basic stage areas such as stage fronts, all of the orchestra shell, us, ds, etc. If you want to record a preset in it you either just bring up the basic areas that are already programmed into it, or you simple bring it up on the little console (Express 125/250 or Express 72/144) and the memory console will simply memorize all active dimmers and their intensitys and record it into a cue. You can title it if you want to. So basically if wanted a warm up for all of the fixtures at say 15 percent, I'd get pull up all the desired lights at 15 percent and hit store on the memory console.

We have two of these consoles, one is rackmounted in the SM panel at stage right, while there is one on the counter in the booth. At every door, ladder, stairs, etc there are switches that will cue the etc memory console to throw up the programmed function. So say if you hit on the house button by the house doors it will throw up preset so and so and will bring up the house lights. Hit the cats, it will throw up dimmers 1-12 and both consoles will light up.

To give you an idea what it looks like here are some pictures, it's fantastic device.

Booth console...

SM Panel...
We have something similar, but next to every door is a little box with on and off for the house lights, because code says there has to be a switch by every door for safety reasons.
That memory console looks fun! :D We just store presets with a touch panel near the dimmer rack and use a set of buttons near each door to switch between them.

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