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Way cool vocal effect

Discussion in 'Sound, Music, and Intercom' started by BNBSound, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. BNBSound

    BNBSound Active Member

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    Alexander, NY
    I ran into a salty old dawg of a sound guy at a gig in Nashville this weekend. He was adamant that the rental rig be set up in stereo becuase he was a bid effects freak and just wouldn't be satisfied with mono. So we patched and repatched and finally whipped the DriveRack 260 into shape. And then he opened up the cookie jar of sound guy wisdom and let us have a free sample.

    The trick is simple and used to be really common when everyone had an SPX-90 in their rack becuase the feature was available in every patch. It's for a really smooth, shimmery, glassy vocal sound that's more subtle than a chorus or phaser. The signal is split and one side is detuned 15 to 30 cents down and the other side is detuned the same ammount up. You can vary the ammount, just keep both numbers the same, otherwise it goes kinda wonky.
    You bring the signal back into the board on a stereo channel, or a pair of channels that are hard panned.

    So when you bring up the vocal channel that's panned straight up, and the two effects channels, you get this really nice "rippled glass" effect. If you're in the studio, you can make it even more subtle by taking out the original signal and just using the return.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share that little gem and hope that all uh y'all get some mileage out of it. And if you think that's cool, you should have seen what he did with a gated reverb and a reverse flange... yikes!
  2. wemeck

    wemeck Active Member

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    Chicago, IL, USA
    Sound pretty cool. I will have to try it one day.
  3. TBNAudioEngineer

    TBNAudioEngineer Member

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    Canton, OH
    Nice, Thanks for sharing that one. I wouldn't have thought of it. I've got a TC Electronics, M XL ONE and I cant' wait to try it out. THANKS!

    Jonathan G. Phillips
    TV Audio Engineer

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