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On 03/19/03, delnor offered the following:
I thought we could all share cool websites we find. Theater related or not.
Here is my list of cool sites that I recommend you all check out. (Some of which are my own) <-Check out this one I just finished the intro :)
Anyway, I am sure you all know of other cool ones. Lets see um.
On 03/29/03, ship offered the following:
Brand & Suppliers:
A - Allen Tools
AA - Allied Electric (Tool/Electronics Distribuitor) Allied Electronics ? Electronic Parts and Components Distributor
AB - All Bulbs (Lamps/Supplies Distributer) All Bulbs Above All Light LED Lamps MSD300/2FF MSR FastFit MSD Gold DJ HTI1200w/D7/72 Osram #54268 CSR575 HMI HMI575 HTI HPL Mac2k KSD250/2 HSD Martin Professional HSR XBO LTI Lighting KSD NSK High end colorcommand Chauvet Multi-Lite pro theatrical e
AC - Ace Hardware (Hardware Stores)
AD - Artistic Design Licence (Controller Mfr.) Artistic Licence - converging light and video
AE - Aerotech (Lamp Manufacturer/Distribuitor)
AF - Affordable Lighting (Arch. Fixtures & Bulbs Distributer) Parking lot Lighting, Light poles, sports lighting,wall pack.flood light and aluminum high bay light.
AG - AMGLO (Lamp Manufacturer/Distribuitor) Welcome to Amglo Kemlite Laboratories manufacture of custom lamps, airport, aircraft, mediacal, locomotive, emergency, laser, obstractive, mechine vision
AH - AVAB , Clay Parker (Light Boards, Fixtures, Moving Lights Mfr..) AVAB ElectroNord
AI - AC Lighting/Fat Frog (Light Board/Cable Supplies Distributer)
AJ - American D.J. (Theatrical Supplier)
AK - Avolites (Light Board Mfr..)
AL - Altman (Lighting Mfr..) Altman Lighting, Co., Inc.
AM - American Lighting, Inc.
AMe - AMEC Instruments, (Test Equipment Mfgr.)
AMp - Amprobe (Test Equipment Mfgr.)
AN - ALPS Advanced Lighting and Production Services (Production Company) ALPS Home
AO - ABCO/Westinghouse (Lamp Mfr./Distributor) Westinghouse Lighting Corporation
AP - Apollo Design Technology, Inc (Pattern Rotator Mfr..) Apollo Design | Home
APp - Appleton EGS Electrical Group, (Conduit Couplers & Strain Relief Mfgr.)
AQ - Abstract (DJ Equipment, Architectural Fixture Distributer)
AR - ARC/HOLL (Xenon lamp Mfr.) (408)727-9255 fax
ARl - Arlington, (Quick Install Electrical Fittings & Boxes Coupler Mfgr)
AS - American Stage Lighting
AT - Atlas (Lamp Distributor)
AU - Artistic Licence (LED Fixtures & Lighting Controller Mfr..) Artistic Licence - converging light and video
AV - Advanced Devices/Bates (Plug Mfr..)
AY - Acolyte Products, Smartlyte (Small Fixture Mfr..) glow necklace led bulb franco at
AZ - A-Z Industries, Inc. (Cable Distributer)
BA - Bandit Lights (Production Company) Bandit Lites - Illumination Worldwide
BB - Big Apple (Theatrical Supply)
BC - The Base Auction (Misc. Theater Equipment Auction House)
BD - Belden Wire & Cable (Wire Mfr..)
BE - Berlands House of Tools (Tool Distributer) Berlands House of Tools - If we don't have it, you don't need it.
BG - Big Production Services - Wisconsin (Production Company)
BI - BMI (Theater Supplier)
BK - BK Precision (Tool Mfr..) B&K Precision Manufactures a Range of Electronic Test & Measurement Instruments
BL - BML (Theater Supplier) BML Blackbird
BM - Bulbman (Lamp/Supplies Distributer) Light Bulbs at Bulbman.
BO - Brock Tool Co. (Rigid Tool Service & Industrial Tool Distributer) Brock Tool Company
BR - Brook Electric (Electrical Supplier)
BS - Best Electrical Supply (Electrical Supplier)
BT - Bulbtronics (Lamp/Supplies Distributer)
BU - Builder’s Pluming & Supply (Pipe/Plumbing Distributor)
BZ - Barbizon (Theatrical Supplier)
Burndy Products/FCI (Crimp & Crimp Tool Mfgr.)
Carol Brand/General Cable (Wire Mfgr.)
C - Comentex
CA - CAE / Little Light / Leprecon (Light Boards/Dimmers/Fixture Mfr..) Leprecon® | DMX Lighting Control, Architectural & Power / Dimming Touring Racks Welcome to CAE - Leprecon lighting consoles and Littlite gooseneck lamps. Night-clubs, control room light, nurse station light, wood shops, recreational vehicles, lecterns, theatrical productions, boats, video equipment, photography studios and appli
CB - Colortran/Leviton (Lighting Fixture/Control Mfr..) Theatrical Lighting & NSI Products - Leviton Commercial Entertainment Products
CC - Cable Components (Electrical Supplier)
CD - CDA - Coemar DeSisti Australia (Theatrical Supplier)
CE - Chauvet Lighting (Moving Lights/Special Effects Mfr..) CHAUVET® - CHAUVET is a manufacturer of LED lighting, DJ lighting, Stage Lighting, Concert Lighting, Outdoor lighting, Club lights, leading the market in terms of design, flexibility, and options. | CHAUVET Lighting
CF - Cooper/Crous-Hinds (Elect. Supplies Mfr..) Cooper Crouse-Hinds - The World's Leading Manufacturer of Electrical Products for Commercial, Industrial, and Hazardous Environments
CG - Carling Technologies (Switch/Cuit Breaker Mfr..) Carling Technologies: Switch & Circuit Breaker Manufacturer
CH -, Huston Tx (800)880-0883 (DJ Lights & Sound Distributor) DJ Equipment | DJ Lights | Speakers and Amplifiers | Fog Fluid |Stage Lighting | LED lighting | Stage Trussing | Aluminum Truss | DJ Gear
CI - CITC (Special Effects Equipment Mfr..) CITC FX - "Cool Stuff That's Show Tuff!®" - Special Effects Equipment
CJ - City Theatrical (Effects & Accessories Mfr.) City Theatrical
CK - Celco Lighting UK (Light Boards & Dimmer Mfr..) Company | Celco Ltd.
CL - JR Clancy (Rigging Mfr..) Stage Rigging Systems and Equipment for Theater, Arena, School and Concert Hall
Cla - Clark Wire & Cable (Data Cable & Plugs Distributer)
CLR - Clearwater Technologies, Inc. Clearwater Tech | Industrial Factory Automation Supplies Distributors
CM - Columbus McKinnon/PCM Loadstar (Hoist Mfr..) Columbus McKinnon, hoists, steel chains, shackles, lifting hooks, jib cranes, overhead cranes, lifting clamps, trolleys, wire rope, ratchet binders The Finance Blog
CN - Californeon Lighting (Flexable Neon rope light Mfr..) China Bulb & Lamp, Bulb & Lamp Catalog, China Bulb & Lamp Manufacturers
CO - Cole Wire & Cable (Cable Distribuitor)
COm - Components Corp. (Mulit-Pin Plug Distribuitor) Veam Electrical Connectors, manufacturing electrical connectors that are interchangeable with Litton-Veam CIR and Socapex series
CP - Compulite (Light Boards Mfr..) Welcome to Compulite's Website
CQ - ChromaQ (Scroller Mfr..) ChromaQ
CR - Creative Stage Lighting (Theatrical Supplier)
CS - Chicago Spotlight (Theatrical Supplier) Chicago Spotlight Home
CT - Camel Traders (Multi-Cable Plugs & Theater Supplies distributer) - Camel Traders Store
CTI - CTi Automation - CTi Automation | Factory Industrial Automation Parts Distributors | Boise Idaho USA
CU - Custom Cable
CV - Central Audio-Visual Equipment (Projection Equipment & Lamps Distributer)
CW - Clearwing (Production Company) Clearwing Productions, Inc. | Audio, Lighting, and Staging Production
CX - Cool Clamp Products (C-Clamps Mfr./Distributer) Products
CY - Clay Packy (Fixture Mfr..) Clay Paky - Professional Show Lighting
DA - Daymax/Wolfram/ORC/Perkin Elmer (Lamp Mfr..) Welcome to PerkinElmer Optoelectronics
DE - Delta Machinery (Tool Mfr..) Delta Machinery|Porter-Cable
DG - Doughty Engineering (C-Clamps Mfr..) Doughty Engineering, England - Supplying the uk with equipment for film, tv & theatre industries
DH - DHA Lighting (Patterns & Effects equip. Mfr..) Untitled Document
DI - Da-Lite (Projection Equipmet & Presentation Equipment Mfr.) Da-Lite Screen Company
DL - Design Lab - Interesting Products (Theatrical Supplier/Special Effects Mfr..) Home Page Interesting Products: Liquid Nitrogen Effects for Entertainment Applications DN - Denver Sign Supply (Electrical Supplier) Sign Making Supplies - Denver Sign Supply
DO - Dove Lighting (Light Board Mfr..) Dove Systems [Professional Lighting Equipment for Churches, Theatres and Clubs]
DP - Dare Products (Rope Distributer)
DU - Duluth Trading Co. (Tool Distributer) Men’s Workwear, Women’s Work Wear, Work Clothing - Duluth Trading Company
DV - Diversitronics (Strobe Light Mfr..) Diversitronics - Strobes & Lighting Effects
DW - DeWalt (Tool Mfr..) DEWALT: High Performance Industrial Tools and Accessories
EA - ETA Systems (Light Boards & Truss Mfr..)
EB - Entertainment Design Group (Light Board Mfgr.) Entertainment Design Group, Inc.
EC - Echo
ED - Electrosonic (Video Wall & Controller Mfr.) Electrosonic Products
EE - Enttec (Light Board Mfr..) ENTTEC- Lighting Control,RDM,DMX USB PRO
EF - ELC Lighting (Light Board Mfr.) ELC lighting
EI - Eiko/Wiko (Lamp Mfr..) Products
EJ - Earle M. Jorgenson Co. (Steel Supplier) (847)301-6100
EL - Electro-Wire, Inc. (Wire & Fabrication Distribuiter)
EM - ELC Lighting (DMX Tool Mfr..) ELC lighting
EN - Encapsulite (Special Effects Fixture Mfr./Distributer)
EO - Elco Lighting (Arch. Lighting Mfr..) .:: Elco Lighting ::.
ER - (Disc.) Entertainment Technology Cable
ES - ESS/Oleson (Theatrical Supplier)
ET - ETC (Fixture/Dimming/Control/Motorized Rigging Mfr..) 800-688-4116 [Updated websites and contact info - starksk 5/3/10]
EU - Eurotek Marketing (Theatrical Supplies & Fixture Supplier) EuroTek Entertainment Lighting Supply
EX - Extech (Test Equipment)
EY - EYE Lighting International (Lamp Mfr..) EYE Metal Halide Lamps
FA - Fastenal (Hardware/Tool Distributor)
FC - Full Circle (Production Company) The Best Search Links on the Net
FE - Fehr Brothers (Rigging Distributor) Stage Rigging and Rigging Supplies Fehr Bros. Industries, Inc.
FI - F.E. Lighting Inc. - Canada (Stage Lighting Mfr..) stage lighting dj solar patio at
FL - Feit Electric (800)543-3348x3209 (EVA Swindell)(Lamp Mfr..)

FO - Fourth Phase (Production Company) Production Resource Group UK Limited - About Us
FP - Flying Pig Systems (Controller Mfr..) Flying Pig Systems
FR - Frost Lighting (Production Company) Frost Lighting
FT - Flatlight (Fixture Mfgr.) Electroluminescent Manufacturer - FLATLITE EL lamps, panels, and strips
FU - Fluke Electronics (Tool Mfr..) Fluke Electronics
FY - Flying by Foy (Rigging Production Company) Flying by Foy - Best flying effects for stage, theatre, film, ice,church angels, TV, for those wanting the best in Theatrical Flight
GA - Grainger (Tool/Hardware Distribuitor) Grainger Industrial Supply
GB - Graybar (Electrical Supplier) Graybar | Specializing In Supply Chain Management Services
GD - Gene Goodwille Inc. (Tape Distribuitor)
GE - General Electric (Lamp Mfr..)
GI - Grip (Tool Distribuitor)
GL - GreenLee (Tool Mfr..) HOME - Greenlee A Textron Company
GM - Gam Filters (Gel/Tool Mfr..)
GN - Gardner Bender (Tools/Electric Supply Mfr..) Gardner Bender: electrical tools, voltage testers, wire management products and professional equipment
GO - Gepco (Com Wire & Fabrication Distribuitor) Gepco International, Inc.
GR - Grand Stage/Art Drapery (Theatrical Supplier/Rigging Production Company) Grand Stage Company
GU - Group One
H - Channel Lock
HA - Halex Co. (Conduit Couplers Mfgr.)
HC - Heartford Cordage (Rope Distributor)
HD - Home Depot (Hardware/Tool Distribuitor)
HE - High End Systems (Fixture/Control Mfr..) High End Systems
HF - Hoffman Enclosures, Inc., (Arch Electrical Enclosure Mfgr.)
HO - High Output (Production Company) High Output, Inc. - Homepage
HU - Hubble Incorporated (Fixture/Electrical Supplies Mfr..) Think Hubbell First
HW - Howard Industries (Ballast Mfr..)
HY - Heyco Limited (Electrical Supply Mfr..) Industrial and Bespoke Component and Accessories Supplier - Anixter Components, UK
ID - Ideal Industries (Tools/Elect. Supply Mfr..) IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. - Products for Electrical, DataComm, OEM, and Mil-Aero Professionals
IE - Industrial Electric (Wire & Plug Distribuitor)
IF - Infinity Visions (Controller Mfgr.) Infinity Visions - Official Web Site -
IL - ILC/Intelligent Lighting Creations (Production Company/Theatrical Supplier) Intelligent Lighting Creations
IN - Interlight (Lamp Distribuitor)
IW - Idlewood Electric (Electrical Supply)
JA - Jauchem & Meeh Inc. (Production Company & Special Effects Mfr..) Welcome to JMFX | J&M Special Effects
JE - Jensen Tools (Tool Distribuitor) Stanley Supply & Services - Products and Services for Electronics Manufacture, Assembly, Diagnosis, and Repair
JH - John Sakash (630)833-9830 (Rigging Distributer)
JL - J&L Industrial Supply (Hardware/Tool Distributer)
JO - Jonard Industries (Tool Mfr.) Jonard Industries Corp
JU - Juno Lighting (Arch. Fixture Mfr.) Juno Lighting Group - Recessed, Track, Under Cabinet and Decorative lighting fixtures for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Hospitality lighting applications.
KI - Kino Flo (Fixture Mfr./Distributer) Welcome to Kino Flo Lighting Systems for Film, Photography, Video & Tv
KK - Kee Klamp (Clamp Mfr..) Kee Safety - Providing Safety Solutions Worldwide
KL - Klien Tools (Tool Mfr..) Klein Tools, Inc. - Handtools for Professional Electricians, HVAC and Lineman, Klein Tools, Chicago, Illinois | Pliers, Fish Tapes, Wire Strippers, Cable Cutters, Screwdrivers, Nut Drivers, Wrenches, Knives, Scissors, Snips, HVAC Tools, Cutting Tools
KU - Kupo (Plugs & Fixture Mfr..) KUPO Grip
KW - Kennedy-Webster (Lamp/Electrical Supplier)
KX - KWL Lighting (Euro Lighting control Mfr..) feno - before light and beyond
L - Lufkin
LA - Light (Lighting & Sound Distributor)
LB - Light (Used Lights & Equipment Distributer)
LC - Lake County Pipe & Supply Co. (Pipe Distributer)
LE - LeMaitrie (Special Effects Mfr..) Business profile for provided by Network Solutions
LF - Lee Filters (Gel Mfr.) Lee Filters - Welcome
LG - Light (Fixture Baffle/Egg Crate Mfr..) Lighttools® - The source of Lighttools® Soft Egg Crates® for complete soft light control.
LI - Limelight Productions (Production Company & Used Equipment Distributer)
LM - Light Monger (Used Lighting Equipment Distributor)
LN - Luxam Lighting (Fiber Optic Arch. Equipment Mfr..) Lighting for Museums - Luxam Inc.
LO - Lutron, (Arch. Dimmer/Control Mfgr.)
LR - Lumetronics (Test/Measurement Tool Mfr..) Lumetronics - Custom built Test and Measuring Equipment - India
LS - The Light Source (C-Clamps Distributer) The Light Source
LT - L&E - Lighting & Electronics (Theatrical Fixture Mfr..) Lighting & Electronics - Wappinger Falls, New York
LU - The Light Bulb Store (Lamp Distribuiter) Light Bulbs Etc and Light Styles
LV - Leviton (Electrical Mfr..) Leviton Manufacturing - Electrical, Lighting, Network Solutions & More
LX - Lex Products (Cable/Plugs Distribuiter) Home | Lex Products
LY - Lycian (Follow Spot Mfr..) index.jpg
MA - Martin (Moving Light Mfr..)
MB - MBT Lighting and Snow Machine (Special Effects & Lighting Equipment Supplier)
MC - Magic Gadgets (Special Effects Mfr..) MAGIC GADGETS HOME PAGE
MD - MDG Fog, Les Generateurs (Fog Mfr..)
ME - Megabay Lighting Enterprises - Australia (Arch. Lighting Fixture Mfr..) Megabay
MF - Alcorn McBride (Show Controller Mfr.) Alcorn McBride
MG - MagneTek (Ballast Mfr.) Lighting Resource Product Searchpcatsd0 - Lighting Fixtures, Ballasts, Lamps, Parts, Poles, Software - Category Display0
MH - Meltric Corporation (Mulit-Pin/Pin & Sleeve Plugs Mfgr.)
MI - Mitchell Instruent Co. (Tool Distributer) Mitchell Instrument - Test and Measurement, Electrical, Instrumentation, Safety, Calibration - Mitchell Instrument Company
MJ - Muilti- Lite USA, Inc. (Lamp Distributer)
ML - Motion Laboratories (Control Mfr./Distributer) Motion Labs - Power distribution and motor control systems
MM - McMaster Carr (Tool/Hardware Distributer) McMaster-Carr
MN - Main Light Industries (Fiber Optic Drape & Production Company) Main Light Industries - Main Light Industries
MR - Microlite (Arch. Lighting Cont. Mfr..) Musco Sports Lighting - MicroLite Parts & Services
MS - Metal Supermarkets (Pipe & Steel Distributer)
MT - Mainstage Theatrical Supply (Theatrical Supplier)
MU - Mutual Hardware Corporation (718)361-2480 (Theatrical Hardware Distributer)
NA - National Speciality Lighting (Rope Light & Decorative Lighting Distributor) nsl ltg
NC - New Century Lighting, Inc
NE - L.E. Nelson Sales Corp (702)367-3656 (Lamp Distributer)
NI - NSI Polaris (Electrical Supplies Mfgr.)
NM - Norman Lamps (Lamp Mfr. & Distributer) Light Bulbs, Halogen, Germicidal Bulbs, Fluorescent Bulbs, Rope Lights from Norman Lamps, Inc.
NN - NCL/New Century Lighting (Moving Light, Audio & Effects Distributor) New Century Lighting, Inc.
NO - JP Nolan & Co (AC Distro Equipment Distributer & Mfr..)
NS - NSI/Leviton (Control Mfr..) Theatrical Lighting & NSI Products - Leviton Commercial Entertainment Products
NU - Nuetrik (Plug Mfr..)
NW - Newerk (Tool & Electronic Distributer) US - Electronic Components Distributor |
OC - Occidental Leather (Tool Mfr..) Occidental Leather: American Made Tool Belts, Bags and Vests
OK - OptiKinetics (Gobo & Truss Mfr..) Optikinetics
OP - Opaq (Out of Business)
OR - PERKINELMER /Daymax/ORC (Lamp Mfr..) see DA - Daymax
P - Paladin
PA - Production Advantage (Theatrical Supplier) Quality Theatrical Supplies and Equipment?Production Advantage, Inc.
PE - PEC (Lamp Mfr..)
PE - Penn Fabrication (Rack/Truss/Fixture Mfr../Distributer) Penn Elcom - Flight Case & Speaker Cabinet Solutions
PH - Philips Lighting (Lamp Mfr..) Enhancing people?s lives with lighting
PJ - Projector (Projectors & Projection Equipment Distributer) Projectors, Projector Reviews, LCD Projectors, Home Theater DLP Projectors at
PN - Panduit Corp. (Elect. Supplies Mfr..) Home
PO - Pro Tapes and Specialties (Tape Mfr..)
PR - Premier Stage Lighting (Theatrical Supplier) Premier Home Page
PS - Pass & Seymour/Legrand (Electrical Mfgr.)
PT - Peak Trading CO. (Rigging Equipment Distributer) Peak Trading Corp - Wholesale Rigging Equipment & Supplies
PX - Production Express (Theatrical Supplier)
RB - Rose Brand (Theatrical Supplier) Theatrical fabrics, stage curtains, backdrops, hardware and accessories
RE - Reel EFX (Special Effects Mfr..)
RF - Reflekto/Ushio (Lamp Mfr..)
RG - Regent Lighting/Cooper Lighting (Arch. Fixtures Mfr..)
RK - Rockford Rigging, Inc. (815)877-0007 (Rigging Distributer)
RO - Roadie (Tool Distributer) Home
RP - RPG Diffuser Systems (Acoustical Masonry Block Mfr..) RPG Diffusor Systems
RS - Rosco International (Theatrical Supply Mfr..)
RU - Ruud Lighting (Arch. Lighting Mfgr.)
S - Stanley Tools
SA - Stage Technologies (Rigging Mfr. & Theatrical Supplier) = Secoa Welcome to SECOA - providing stage rigging to the performing arts industry Norcostco Norcostco
SB - Satco (Lamp Mfr..) Satco Products
SC - Space Craft Components (Plug Mfr..)
SD - Stage Depot (Theatrical Supplier)
SDi - Show Distribution (Controller Mfgr.) Show Distribution
SE - Specialized Products (Tool Distributor) Fiber Optics, Tools, Test Equipment, Tool Kits, Shipping Cases from Specialized Products
SF - Strong (Spotlight Mfr..) Strong Entertainment Lighting » Home
SG - Stage (Theatrical Supplier) Stage Lighting products for every venue at Stage
SH - Stage Hand (Tool Mfr..)
SHo - Show Control (Show Controller Mfr.)
SI - Sitler’s (Lamp Distributer)
SJ - A.W. Sperry (Tools Mfr..) Sperry Instruments
SK - Skjonberg Controls, Inc. (Hoist Control Mfr..) Skjonberg Controls Inc.
SL - SLD Lighting (Theatrical Supplier) SLD - Suppliers of Professional Stage Lighting, Special Effects, Display Lighting and Pro Audio Equipment
SM - Shufford Mills - Shuretape (Tape Mfr./Distributer)
SN - Strand Lighting (Theatrical Fixture/Control Mfr..)
SNm - Snow Masters (Snow Machine Mfr..) Snowmasters - Special Effects Experts
SO - SoLux (MR-16 Daylight Bulbs Mfr..)
SP - Spectape (Sure Tape Distributer)
SQ - Square D (Electrical Mfr..) Square D Products - Schneider Electric United States
SR - Sears Craftsman (Tool Distributer)
SS - Sapsis (Rigging Mfr./Distributer) Sapsis Rigging - Stage Rigging & Safety Inspections
STa - StageLight (theatrical Supplier)
ST - Starlight Global (Lamp/Supplies Distributer)
STm - Star Light & Magic (Theatrical Supplier) Star Light & Magic: Online Theater and Stage Special Effects Supply Store
SU - Selcon Lighting (Fixture/Control Mfr..)
SV - Senco (Tool Mfr..) SENCO Air-Powered Nailers, Staplers, and Fasteners
SW - Set (Tool Distributer) Welcome To!
SX - Special FX Glass Gel (Special Effects Equip., Lenses, Roundells, Dipped Light Bulb Mfr..) Welcome to Special FX® Lighting
SY - Sylvania/Osram (Lamp Mfr..) Sylvania
SZ - Socapex/Amphenol (Plug Mfr..) Connectors and interconnection systems - Amphenol Socapex
TA - Tomcat Stage Lighting & Support (Fixture/Truss Mfr./Distributer) Tomcat
TB - TLS, Inc. (Theatrical Supplier)
TC - Tracoman/Coemar (Fixture Mfr./Distributer)
TD - Tool (Tool Distributer) - construction tools for contractors & builders- tile saws, automatic gate openers, masonry saws, laser levels, fans, optical instruments, fall protection, safety equipment, safes, panel lifts, fireproof safes, stone saws, diamond blade
TF - Theater Effects (Special Effects Mfr..) Theatre Effects - Index Page
TG - James Thomas Engineering (Truss & Fixtures) James Thomas Engineering
TH - Thomas Lighting (Arch. Lamp Mfr.) Thomas Lighting :: Welcome
TI - Thomas & Betts (Tools/Elect. Supply Mfr..) Thomas & Betts | Thomas & Betts
TL - Techni-Lux, Inc. (Theatrical Supplier) Welcome to Techni-Lux
TM - TMB (Theatrical Supplier) TMB Production Supplies and Services Worldwide
TN - Thorn Lighting Industrial UK. (Arch. Lights & Lamp Mfr..)
TO - Tool Crib of the North/Amazon (Tool Distributer) (800)635-5140
TR - Toys “R” Us (Bubble Fluid Distributer)
TS - Tools for Stagecraft (Tool Distributer) Stagecraft Tools, viewfinders, church lecterns, safety equipment
TT - Techni Tool (Tool Distributor) Welcome to Techni-Tool: Your store for Tools, Test Equipment, and More!
TX - Texas Scenic (Production & Theatrical Supplier) TSC - Theatrical Stage Equipment
UI - Union Connector (Plug Mfr..)
UL - U-Line (Tape/Supply Distributer)
UN - Uni-Par Clear/Plastic PAR Cans (Fixture Mfr..) Unipar Lighting
UO - Ushio (Lamp Mfr..) USHIO manufacture and distribute a broad range of Halogen, Xenon, Fluorescent, EmArc Enhanced Metal Arc, Metal Halide, Mercury, Incandescent, Specialty PAR, Sodium, Quartz-Infrared Heater and Miniature lamps.
US - Used (Used Lighting Equipment Distributer) - Stage & Theatrical Lighting Equipment, LED, Trussing
VA - Vantage (Lamp Distributer)
VC - Vincent Lighting Systems (Theatrical Lighting Supplier) Lighting Products | Lighting Equipment | Lighting Catalog
VE - Veam (Plug Mfr..) ITT Electronic Components: Cannon, VEAM & BIW Connectors
VI - Viadon LLC (Tape Distributer)
VL - VeriLite (Fixture Mfr..)
VN - Venture Lighting (Metal Halide Fixtures, Lamps & Ballast Mfr..) The Pulse Start Metal Halide Lighting Leader: Venture Lighting International, lamp and ballast systems for energy saving and more light
VR - VER Sales, Inc. (Rigging Equipment Distributer) VER SALES, INC. - Cable, Rigging, Safety
WF - Wildfire (Special Effects Projector Mfr..) Make Black Light Art With Black Light Equipment From Wildfire Lighting & Visual Effects
WI - I.Weiss & Sons (Rigging, Drape & Theatrical Supply Distributer) Stage curtains, rigging, and theatrical supplies - I. Weiss
WL - White Light USA (Lamp Distributer)
WO - Woodhead Connectivity (Electrical Mfgr.)
WT - Wilton/Jet/Powermatic Tool Group (Tool Mfr..) POWERMATIC - HOME
WY - Wybron (Scroller Mfr..) Wybron, Inc.
XB - Xenon (Lamp Distributer)
ZR - Zircon Designs/Show Control (Production Company & Book) - John's Blog Main Page
Halex Co. (Conduit Couplers Mfgr.)
Hoffman Enclosures, Inc., (Arch Electrical Enclosure Mfgr.)
Lutron, (Arch. Dimmer/Control Mfgr.)
NSI Polaris (Electrical Supplies Mfgr.)
Panduit Electrical Group (Electrical Supplies, Crimp & Crimp Tool Mfgr.)
Pass & Seymour/Legrand (Electrical Mfgr.)
Ruud Lighting (Arch. Lighting Mfgr.)
On 03/31/07, gafftaper offered the following:
This came up in another thread. Check out Fiberlay for all your fiberglass, resin, liquid foam and molding needs. They have a lot of great info on their How To page as well.

09/28/08: Specialized stage flooring surface: STAGELAM - Stage And Dance Flooring - Stage Floors - Stage Floor, High Quality Flooring/Decking for Permanent and Portable Stages

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