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Jun 12, 2004
Waterdown, ON, CA
Welcome to the Control Booth Forum;
Our members run the gamut from total newbs to folks long retired from lengthy careers with Cirque, Disney, production, sales and distribution companies as well as manufacturers and their service and support staff. Post any / all queries no matter what time of your day or night and don't be surprised to receive a reply from someone in a totally different time zone. A number of manufacturers keep an eye on the Control Booth forum, it's often a good way to reach technical support, even in the middle of a three day holiday weekend.
We have members posting from Tanzania, Australia, The Orient, South Africa, Europe, The U.K., as well as South, Central and North America. It won't take you too long to identify the posers from the pro's.
Welcome to the Control Booth forum.
Ron Hebbard
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