On Saturday I was doing a gig at my school, first time I EVER touched a soundboard in my life was roughly three minutes before the show started. Well, not exactly, but it was the first time I worked it completely unsupervised. So, I go to turn up the mike for the band side of the gym (Horrible sound quality in a gymasium...) and this horrid feedback blasts out of the speakers. Luckily, a few knob-twists later and everything's fine. The band director glares at me, heh. Then our musical preview for the spring show, all of them in lapel mikes that we had no chance to adjust, they sounded like tin after I fixed the feedback and trim. Overall the show was okay since it was split into two seperate shows and the second time round everthing was great except for the lapel mikes. Plus I had the hang of it. The only thing that was vexing to me was the middle school jazz band director. She would go to talk into the mike, I would turn it on but she couldn't just trust me she had to bang on the friggen thing. Then for her solos she would move the mike aside, I would turn it off so there would be no unessecary banging in the recording, then back on, but she would still have to bang on it to make sure it was on.... I'll laugh when the recording comes out.

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