What are these!???????


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These have been hanging around backstage in the scene shop area of the Academy of Music in Northampton MA (built 1891) for as long as anyone I know can remember.

What the hell are they? They are made of hard wood and appear to have had a lot of careful work put into creating them. They have paint...or grease/oil on them. About 3" long.

Any ideas anyone? I thought maybe some kind of spacer for painting/drying flats? - not enough paint on them. Maybe some kind of curtain track runner? No real signs of wear on them.
They could just be random parts left behind.

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I've seen a number of wooden curtain tracks in old theaters. Thankfully, we were able to talk the customers into replacing them. Most of the sliders had 1" to 1 1/2" balls with heavy wires to support the curtains. I could see these being someone's "superior" slider in a wooden track.

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