What Brand do You Use?

Our complement of instruments consists mainly of SourceFour's ranging from 19 to 50 degrees. We also have a number of Strand Ellipsoidals (23/50 I believe), as well as Strand Fresnelite 6" Fresnels. Dimming is done with ET IPS dimmer strips in both the black box and the proscenium. Control is by an ETC Express 48/96 and an ETC Unison system. House lights are dimmed with ETC Sensor dimmer racks.
Mostly ETC fixtures (S4's and S4 PAR's with 12 Time Square Lighting 6" fresnels just for the heck of it) in the main space (gymacafatorium) we have an ETC 125 and 3 ten amp smartpack. In our smaller space we have an NSI board and 12 NSI channels.

I'm not sure if that made sense, its about 1:00 AM here. I'll re-read this in the morning and see if the sentences make sense, like this one.
we run mostly strand. strand 300 board, CD-80 dimmers, and a R-120 remote. strand lekos, altman cycs, parellispheres, colortran lekos, par64's. we just had 14 kleigl 500w fersnels donated this week. we will buying some s4 soon.
mainly altman, ive grown up with altman so im kindof just...used to theyre insturments.
for dimmers i use Unison
for board i use Lepercon
Road House:
ETC Express 48/RFU, Net2 system, Sensor/Unison dimmers, Unison LCD panels, Source 4's ellipsoidals, PARS and ParNels.

Altman 4.5" Zooms, 360Q's, PARS, Shakespeare Zooms and ellipsoidals

L&E MR16 Striplights and PARS

Dept. Theater proscenium space:
ETC Express 250/RFU, Strand 600 dimmers, Century Patch Panel

Strand Leko's (old),

Colortran 6" zooms (old) and fresnels

Altman 4.5" zooms, PARS and fresnels, Ground Cycs

Old Century T-3 ground rows


Dept. Theater Black Box:
ETC Express 250, Sensor dimmers

ETC S4 Jr zooms,

Altman fresnels and 360Q's

Jands (desk and dimmers)
Abstract Futurescans
ADJ and Kupo PAR cans (and some that are so old I do not know where they come form)
Generic QI lights that I have modified
Source FX lights (numerous types)

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