What color?

For Rosco:
Storaro Yellow #2003

For Gam:
Brass #382
Golden Sunset #395

For Lee:
Deep Straw #015

Hope this helps a little. There are ther colors that are more orange/ yellow, but the ones listed above are mostly dark yellow.
Not to hijack this thread, but:

For the show I'm doing, the script says that the stage becomes gold. I decided to just buy a sheet of gold gel and chuck it in a follow spot. I looked through all my swatch books looking for a good gold.

Any ideas for what a good "gold" color would be. All of the colors I found were either to yellow or to orange, and not very goldish...
2003 is right after 13
312 looks more rock yellow than 2003
312 or 2003 might make nice gold. Remember, gold is kinda yellow, too.
I think gold is hard (we have the problem all the time b/c our school colors are blue and gold) because so much of what makes gold gold is the shine and sparkle. If you get right down to it, gold is really a dull yellow, but it shines which is how everyone thinks of it.

We usualy end up using a yellow instead of gold, it usualy looks more like people think it should then if we tryed to get a really accurate gold.

(the same idea is in effect with sliver, it's really just gray, but shiny... (take a close look at a gold or sliver crayon, just lots of shiney specks in it to really make it different))
lee has to different versions of their swatchbooks, i believe, a numbric and chromatic editons. just the order they are in is different
bdesmond said:
Radman said:
2003 is right after 13

Mine goes from 13 to 14.

I was refering to rosco, is that maybe the confusion? Otherwise you may want to send away for an updated version.

I once got a good gold by combining R02 amber with a medium yellow. (#unknown). Looked pretty cool I think.
Huh, I'll look into that Lester. I am doing a FOH wash of R02, so it wouldn't be to horrible to chuck another 2 or 4 FOH fixtures as a yellow to get the gold.

However, I am pressed for dimmers as it is, and I may not be able to avoid giving up 2 dimmers for another wash. If I have the fixtures and dimmers left over, I will look into that. Thank you!
Actually what I did was combined the gels in the same light. It may ruin both gels by sticking them together but if you don't mind the sacrifice I think its worth it. Also, if you need the beam more gold and less yellow, you can always throw in another amber, or vise-versa.
Ohhh, in the same instrument. Huh, well, that would still necessitate another wash of lights. I will have to talk to the directors about this. The script says one of the characters turns the stage gold, but from a design aspect I don't think that is a good idea. I'll have a talk with them and see how interested they are about keeping that.
bdesmond said:
Radman said:
Otherwise you may want to send away for an updated version.

Apparently :eek:

From memory - Lee has their catalog online and whilst it is not going to be as good as having the swatchbook - it may be of use. And yes - they have two swatchbooks - one sorted by number and the other by colour.
Just to put in my two cents, the rock shows that I've worked have used either Lee 101 or Lee 104.

Hope that helps. (I'm not quite awake yet, so have not read all the responses, but had to get my say in)

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