What Deregulates a Hard Hat?

Discussion in 'Safety' started by Lalaith, Oct 9, 2019.

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    I've started a very exciting Theater Design and Production major with a production work-study on the side at my University, and I need to wear my new hard hat for scenery/lighting/sound load-ins and other construction hours.

    What can I put on a hard hat to personalize it and identify it as mine that won't deregulate it? I know there are many mixed opinions on this, so I just want to make sure I hear all the information and all the pros and cons I can.

    I know I can't paint it or write on it directly with a sharpie, but what types of tape or stickers should I avoid, and why? Could I put gaff tape on it and label it with my name that way?
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    You can put stickers on a hard hat. I spend a lot of time on construction sites and many construction managers require stickers to indicate you have received their safety training and are authorized to be on that project site. You still need to be able to visually inspect that the hard hat is in good condition by being able to look at the shell from the inside and ideally not having 100% or near 100% coverage of stickers on the outside.

    I would avoid tape, especially gaffer's. Tape is thicker and the ripples in it over the curved surface can obfuscate a crack that develops. Stickers tend to be a little easier to reveal if something is damaged below the sticker.

    See here for more info.

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    Biggest enemy is UV, but remember that most expire after 4-5 years from date of manufacturer, depending on working conditions. A small sticker or piece of gaff is ok, just dont paint it!
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    I'll tell you what compromises the safety effectiveness of a hard hat...

    ... not wearing it.

    Thanks folks, I'm here all night, making horrible safety jokes. *cough*
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    What deregulates a hard hat? I think what you mean is "de-rates". But that's not exactly an accurate term either. What might compromise a hard hat and cause it to not pass twice yearly inspections? Aha! Now there's the rub....

    Regarding stickers/decals/ink, etc... the manufacturer will tell you what is acceptable. As for the statement that OSHA says you can put stickers on a hard hat...do they really? From the link posted:
    " painting or applying stickers must be performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, unless the employer can demonstrate that the altered protective helmet is equally as effective and protective as those meeting the requirements of Z89.1”.

    Go read the entire link, because you'll find there's even more there to muddy the waters. But I don't think anyone can take this as "OSHA says I can", because that will get you laughed straight off the job site if the AHJ sees it differently. What is your schools policy for students, by the way? If you're being issued one because you're an employee (as PPE is required to be, at least in California), you probably aren't going to be allowed to write on it. Or sticker it. Again, consult your AHJ. Have you been trained on how to inspect this particular lid? What manufacturers documents came with it?

    It really comes down to this: people want stickers on their lid to call attention to themselves. It's why so many construction workers have theirs covered with so much s**t that you can't possibly inspect for damage. It's also an indicator that inspection and safety isn't really a priority. If safety is what you're actually after, ask yourself if your brain is more important that that My Little Pony sticker. You want to rep for Monster? Then rock that flatbill or snapback after the job is done.

    Or look at it this way: in my department, I got 420 people total. 250 of them are issued Petzl Vertex helmets. Every single one of them look the same. Same Petzle hi-vis stickers, per manufacturer call out. Same 4 colors. P-touch label for names and tracking #'s in the same spot on every one of them. Nobody cares about personalization- this is a tool. It's purpose is to make sure you go home safely.

    So, read the documentation that came with the hard hat, and do what it says. Leave the stickers for your lunchbox.
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