what do you paint your stage with?


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Hey, we are in a new facility and our concrete stage floor has a glossy coat on it. Light reflects off it like a mirror. What do you use on your stages for the floor?

I heard the name "flat black". What is the paint actually called? Do you use it?

Thanks.. ZW
ha? painting the stage? my school would kill me. our stage is hardwoood with a glossy finish on it. for the show we are doing now we put down a false deck on top of it and painted that flat black.
If it's on concrete see if you can get flat black with the paint that you use to paint a garage floor, it would stand up really well. But I don't know if you can get it like that.
otherwise just a flat black, oil based.

Here at my college, the floor it stained, it's really flat though. They like the stain, because you don't have to paint it. The stain won't wear like paint which is nice. You just have to stain it every 3 or 4 years, instead of painting it every year.
When we paint our stage, we use Rosco theatrical paint. I'm not sure where we ordered it from, but it works very very well.
we just use cheap flat black form walmart
we just use flat black paint that we get from Benjamin Moore for a really, really , really, good deal

(I might have made an understatement there)
we also sometimes use massitone.
If we tied to paint the stage at school we would die from the splinters in our hands! The school bought a professional Pine(replace yearly) stage in 1992 and has not replaced it yet!
massitone? u mean masonite? which is what our false deck that we put down on the stage is?
nope i ment massitone, its dark dark gray.
oh.. ok
You may want to find out exactly what kind of coating is on the floor now. A smooth glossy coating may not hold another type of coating without a primer or without "roughing" the surface. And you'll want a paint suitable for walking surfaces.

Might be worth getting some input from a paint supplier or a painter.

My college paints the floor with a flat black (from a Home Depot or the like) thinned out with water. Part of the stage has concrete flooring and it takes it really well.
painting a stage floor

You don't have to be in a high school to have the bosses freak over the suggestion of painting a stage floor....ours is hard maple, I finally got them to let me put down a masonite floor, but they're not too happy about the screw holes. I use ACE hardware brand exterior flat # 184-A "cannonball". (works nice on backstage walls too) It's a nice even black that reduces light bounce, though I have thought about a flat poly to go over it...might last longer, I repaint those 4X8 sheet every two shows...I am looking for a "true" black paint, one that's mixed at the factory with the pigment all the way through so scuff marks don't show

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