What do you process the mains with?


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For those of you who use processing (Crossover, Delay, EQ, etc) between the FOH console and the amps, what do you use? (Driverack, Protea, DP224/226, BBS, EAW processing, Shure DSP, etc) My XTA DP224 takes care of my biamped EAW system's processing duties. What do you use? Do you like it? Why? Any problems?

Our mains signal chain is as follows:

Spirit Live 2-4 Matrix A ->
Rane RPE228d Equalizer ->
Rane DC24 Dynamic Processor ->
JBL DSC-260 Crossover/Delay ->
Crown Com-Tech 410 (Highs)/810 (Lows) Amps ->
JBL 4892A Speakers (Biamped)

Our monitor signal chains (3) are as follows:

Spirit Live 2-4 Aux 2/3/4 ->
Rane RPE228d Equalizer ->
Rane DC24 Dynamic Processor ->
Crown Com-Tech 410 Amps ->
JBL SR-X 4722A Speakers
My main mix goes through a dual 31-band (1/3 octave) graphic EQ to a dBx 1066 compressor/limiter/gate in my FOH rack. Behind each main stack I have the power amps for that stack with an old Peavey HDH 3-way crossover.

The old HDH crossovers include separate compressors for the 3 frequency bands, but the control signal for each compressor is a speaker-level input, taken directly from the output of the relevant power amplifier.

Putting the amps directly behind the speakers means relatively short speaker cables, limiting the power I'm going to lose in the resistance of the cable. Putting the crossover in the same rack with the amps means I have one full-range XLR cable from the snake to the amp-rack, rather than one for each frequency band. It makes for much faster set-up and tear-down (4 less cables to coil).

DMXtools, it has absolutely nothing to do with the topic whatsoever, but what the hell is your avatar?
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DMXtools, it has absolutely nothing to do with the topic whatsoever, but what the hell is your avatar?

My new signature quote is a clue to my new avatar. Both indicate that I'm a rabid fan of Monty Python's Flying Circus. If you rent the movie "And Now For Something Completely Different" - the sketch containing my signature quote segues into a song about my avatar.

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Our mains run XLR L/R out of the board to
1) dbx 1231 Dual 31-Band EQ then
2) 1/4" Outs are sent to Ch. 2 of a Old Crown PS-200 for the Fill Speakers
3) XLR outs are sent to dbx 234XL X-Over
4) High is sent to Ch. 1 of the PS-200 then to the horn
5) Mid is sent to Ch. 1&2 (Stereo) of a Crown CL-1 then to Stereo L&R
6) Low is sent to another Crown CL-1 (Bridged Mono) then to the sub

Monitors are sent from board from 1/4" Aux 1-4 to
1) Old White Model 4675 dual 15-band EQ's (2 EQ's, 4 Channels)
2) Then sent to old Crown PS-400 Amps. (Once Again, 2 Amps, 4 Channels.)
3) Then the four mon. channels are sent to a homemade speakon patchbay (Two jacks for each send (Eight Total) on top and 12 on the bottom for the jacks out in the room.

Hope that isn't too confusing.

FOH: 2 mix to Behringer DEQ2496 to take care of notching (GEQ), shaping (Para-EQ), dynamics (gate, comp,limiter). Pink noise and FFT real time analyzer to get the room close. Behringer SuperX2300 2x3 x-over in the mains rack.

MON: Aux 1-4 to a pair of Peavey FLS 2x15 graphs (kinda cheesy but they go all the way down to -18 for those really awful nights in small clubs), then on to a Behringer MDX4600 quad comp/limiter/gate.

Man, I used to not be a big Behringer fan, now I'm turning into their poster boy. Anyway... LOVE the digital EQ. It's a lot easier to navigate than the similar features on a DriveRack PA (and it doesn't blow speakers if powered off incorrectly) and I perfer the x-over in the amp rack anyway.
FOH mains from console run thru Klark Teknik stereo 5 band parametric EQ's for fine tuning on house (which run in paralell with switch in/out dual 1/3rd graphic KT DN360's that visiting engineers can use to adjust house EQ to their taste without messing my settings up), and into Ashley Protea's for X-over/limiter functions...


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