What Followspot is this


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hey i was a cirque show tonight and i saw the followspots they were using (four i think)

i couldn't see much but i noted down unique features

there was a fan at the back of the light (at the bottem, below the what i assume was the globe

also the gels were on the left hand side of the light (never seen it before all i have seen are at the bottem)

looked sort of like the selecon performer 2 maybe?


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Which cirque show? Equipment lists for most of them are available on a manufacturer's website, if you search enough.


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If I remember correctly, and this is a big IF here, I thought that all of the Cirque shows used the Robert Juliat Followspots.
I could be really wrong in saying this, so take it with a Salt lick, but I think that I remember reading that somewhere.
Does this look familiar?

yeah it does

i had a look a site that was selling them i thought maybe a

Cricket 1116

but the one you suggest might be it to
as i said i couldn't really see very well, i know that had a great sight system though cus the operators could pin point locations during a complete blackout
intresting, i have emailed a friend who had an assosiation with cirque he might be able to shead some light (no pun there) on this situation :), hopefully


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I don't know much about Cirque, but we own 4 RJ Topaze followspots, and they are some of the best I have ever worked with.

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