What is a bench focus?


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I'm sorry, the answer we were looking for is "stool concentration." A bench focus is stool concentration. Thanks for playing.
Derekleffew, what brand do the "x"-numbered gels refer to?
I guess I should've specified Rosco numbers. I'll be picking up lamps and gel tomorrow locally, from Tulsa Scenic if anybody's familiar with them. I looked through the Rosco swatch book tonight while (negligently) running sound. I think I'll be getting R10 medium yellow, R22 deep amber, R48 rose purple, and R27 medium red. Also, we have on hand R68 sky blue, R39 skeleton exotic sangria, and R337 true pink. It's kinda hard to avoid the green side of things, but it's not my call to make.
And now to the lamps. I'll be picking them up tomorrow too, and I'm limited to what they have in stock. I need a couple of lamps for Shakespeares, and a good half-dozen for 360Qs. So I'll see if they have GLA lamps in hand.
Man, thank you guys so much for all your help, especially with the lamps (not bulbs!) You all are a wealth of information for all things illuminated!


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Sorry if I confused you. I use "X" prefix to denote RoscoluX. It's leftover from when we used to stock Roscolene, and Roscolux was just coming onto the market. The "R" prefix just led to confusion. Now it's the other way 'round.

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