What is it with smoke and electricity


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I was helping someone set up their own sound system. She put the amp in and wired it, and didn't tell me. Allow me to set the scene... This amp has XLR inputs, but the bare wire post outputs, like a home stereo. She cut the cables a little too lond, so more bare wire was exposed than necesary. Keep in mind I didn't know this until later, she just said the amp was ready to go. So imagine my surprise when I flip the power switch, play the CD player, and a very large cloud of smoke rises up from the bowels of the rig. There's nothing like the smell of a $500 dollar amp burning up before you. Has this happened to anyone else?
I have fried 2 amps in the past year. Come to find out the XLR connections in our snake were touching. We finally figured this out after 2 amps!!
My school was NOT happy about paying for these, but then again it is their fault because they refused to buy a new snake even though we told then we were having problems with it.
I killed one amp. It didn't smoke or do anythign to make it worth it :) it just stopped working. Turns out, we have added an amp, so I was running that one bridged.....smart me didn't think until a month later that it died because when you bridge an amp you double the lowest ohms' it can run at. I didn't. Great, that was atleast $300. Not sure if the TD at tehc hurch figured it out or not, if he did, he didn't tell me.

oh, to clarify, I mean, i don't know if he figured out the reason it died, he knew it died and got us a new one

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