What is this? (Sound)


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A logarithmicspaced, articulated spiral array in a horizontally asymmetric configuration employing frequency tapering and divergence shading, which will include isophasic high-frequency and mid-frequency apertures, hyper-cardioid low-frequency transducer sections, is controlled by finite-impulse response filtering digital signal processing, and works well with a psychoacoustic infector

Also known as? :)
No idea, but I'm going to guess your ears and mouth.
too many words for me!
Since when do ears have digital signal processing, guys... ;)
androids are fake humans, robots meant to be like humans
cyborgs are half human, half robot.
imagine if you were a cyborg...you could hang and focus and just do everything so much faster!

i love my random g33k knowlege
Ya, you would need some good shielding from all the magnetic fields found arround different tech equipment. I'll guess that we could get into quite a discussion about if a andrioid could ever have a good enough ear to properly mix sound. My guess is yes, eventually, but for certain, not right now with today's technology.

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