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What should I add?

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by Leech, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Leech

    Leech Member

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    hey I am trying to come up with a sheet for people to fell out so we know what is going on. Here is what I have so far. tell me if you can think of anything that I should add to it so we will do the be best we can for them.

    Tech Sheet
    (Please attach a run-order and get it to us ASAP)

    Event name:

    Contact person and their phone #

    Rehearsal dates and times (We would like to have a rehearsal that runs thru the whole thing)

    Performance dates:

    Do you want spots? How many?(we can have two)

    What colors do you want the cyc?

    Do you want gobos (We can make some but they will not be that nice)? If you do what do you want them to be? Where and when? (If you have any questions call __________ about gobos give us a week)

    What colors do you want on stage? We can have 2 colors

    Do you want specials? Where and when?

    Do you want any effects like: flashing house or lights flashing randomly? If yes when?

    (For mics we would ask that you bring your own batteries a warless takes 2 AA batteries)
    How many hared line mics do you want (We have 4)

    Do you want the warless hand held?

    Will you have CDs? How many? Do you want any sound effects and will you have them?

    Will there be a band? What type of a band and if so will they have their own stuff?

    Do you want to have music playing as people come in and go out? Will you have that for us?

    Will there be a piano? Do you want the piano miced? Will the person playing the piano sing and will he/she want to be miced?

    Will there be a move? You will need to bring a comp and projector!

    Will we need to have back stage people to help move on and off things? If we do how many do you think you will need?

    How much of the stage will you use?

    Do you want cues to happen with music If you do please come with them planed out and the times!

    If you have any questions call ____________

    If you can think of anything that you would want that is not on here please tell us. Thank you for filling this out we will try our best to do all that you have asked.
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  2. Footer

    Footer Senior Team Senior Team Premium Member

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    Saratoga Springs, NY
    First, check you spelling. What you are writing is known as a tech rider. Most shows send them in ahead of their arival, and some theatre send them out when a group is coming in. The ones I have done in the past basicly consist of what the space is capable of doing, or what the rep plot is capable of doing (i.e. six areas of front in 2 rows, 6 areas of back in 2 rows, etc...) and for sound, that is more of a per space thing. Google Tech Rider and look at other spaces riders and see if that gets you anywhere. I am making one in the next week for a space I am working in right now and I might be able to post that later.
  3. Van

    Van CBMod CB Mods Premium Member

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    Project Manager, Stagecraft Industries, Inc.
    Portland, Or.
    What footer said. In college we had what we called "blue sheets" and I'm currently in the process of developing the same form for rentals of our facilities. Things you may want to consider; include a linedrawing of the theatre, on the back of one page and request at least a rough outline of the groups set-up needs. < that is, if they don't provide you with a floorplan> . Use this same drawing or include another one for them to indicate lighting specials with.

    Technical Riders are usually submitted to a facillity by a contracted entertainer, which is why they are called "Riders" they "Ride" the contract. What you are looking to create is much more of a multi-use "facility request form" Check a couple of Colleges websites, or the website of a PAC near you, I bet you'll be able to find a copy of something you could modify to your use.
  4. wolf825

    wolf825 Senior Team Emeritus Premium Member

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    Eastcoast USA
    I have something similar at my venue..we also ask for a CUE sheet or a SM who knows when gobos, lights, sound etc will happen to tell us.

    I don't know your venue or what you provide or have...but I'll toss out a few things off the top of my head and you can see if it fits your needs or not...

    -Stage Manager (or are WE calling your show)

    -Operators provided for your show (or are are WE operating your event--sound/lights/fly's/spots etc) Regardless--we require they have at least an SM or someone "in charge" who is our go-to person for what is happening during the show and who can make decisions...

    -Fly needs--Main Curtain, backdrop etc.. Are they bringing anything that needs to be flown--confetti spreader, garland, set pieces, christmas lights etc...the size and weight.

    -Curtain times on performance day (this always changes--nail them down!).

    -Estimated time for show run? (some folks like to take their show right to their out time and think its OK to run over..)

    -Intermission?? How long intermission? (nice to know if the show is more than 2 hours or has an intermission and if the intermission is 10, 15 or 20 minutes.)

    -Podium or lectern?

    -Risers (stage or chorus) or chairs etc

    -# of dressing areas needed

    **Sets, drops and rigging will be inspected for safety--if they do not pass our safety tests they are not used, period. For a list of approved and acceptable rated hardware to help you build your sets, please contact your theater tech.

    **Drops must have Flame certs--any "home-made" drops or untreated cloth swags that are expected to be flown and are not treated properly, and do not pass an on-site flame test, will not be permitted.

    -Are you bringing any of your own effects? (i.e. blacklights, strobes etc) If so--type, wattage, power and control requirements.

    -dance light or side light booms needed? (if you have them)

    -moving light effects?

    (Not sure what a Warless mic is..but if you mean Wireless you may wish to check the spelling on a few of those things... ;) )

    -We always require they put their show sound IN ORDER and on a CD, and have a backup.. If they do not put it in order or have a clue to their show run--they need to bring their own operator for the CD. We are not "DJ's" and its not our responsibility to figure out their show for them..

    -Number of channels/mic's needed.

    Lastly--are they recording or bringing a Videographer to record their event--and if so what are their requirements--or I simply tell them you get one 20amp outlet--must set up in our video area--no ladders or booms or lights, they get a white-balance look on stage at 1hr prior to curtain and no later, and sound test will be a line-level XLR feed and done at the same time--feed is mono--no stereo, and it is "as is" off our general house mic. If they wish a detailed recording--bring their own gear and they must bring their own adaptors and cables and recording media--so many show up and expect us to bring our XLR feed down to a 1/8" mini plug or hook it up to their ipod.

    -Audio Recordings?--dunno if you do, but we let folks know we do not...

    I also always note--and this is cause its our policy--that our facility will provide trash bags but the user group is responsible for their folkis ensuring that all trash is placed in recepticals or they will be charged for extra clean up time.

    Hope that helps...just a few things off the top of my head...

  5. Les

    Les Well-Known Member

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    DFW, Tx.
    Does 'warless' refer to 'Wireless' mic's?

    Aside from spelling; punctuation and grammar can be important too, in making you look as professional as possible. This is also very important assuming this will be used in an educational environment. Ironically, this also means it should be "idiot-proof". You might consider having someone who isn't associated with theatre or performance proof-read it. If they can understand what it's asking for, you're good to go. The theory is that most people faced with this list and these choices have almost no clue how to arrange a production (atleast technically).

    Just a few thoughts.
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  6. Footer

    Footer Senior Team Senior Team Premium Member

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    Saratoga Springs, NY
    Yep, less is more. Don't ask what kind of gobos you want, ask about any special lighting. If you say you can do gobos, they will want them all the time, if you say special lighting, they might ask for a center special. I know this makes me looked jaded, but less is more. You don't want to spend hours in a focus for a 30 min presentation that most of the stuff you focused won't be used.
  7. Les

    Les Well-Known Member

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    DFW, Tx.
    Footer4321 is very correct. Sometimes it's best not to show off your best toys. Especially the ones that wear out or are likely to walk. When I was in high school, I made the mistake of showing the jazz band some holiday gobo's and using them in their Christmas concert. This wasn't a big deal except that then the orchestra, choir, student council, multicultural club, and their dog wanted all kinds of effects in their concerts and presentations.

    It maybe a good idea to make a few different variations of this form. Consider a more complex selection for events such as dance shows (sometimes hosted by H.S. Drill Teams - we called ours "Fillies Follies"), and perhaps things like pageants, talent shows, popularity contests, and the like. If the show generates revenue, needs rehearsal time, is performed more than once, and whoever purchases expendables such as lamps, gels, gobo's benefits, it may be 'worth it' to spice things up alittle. But don't let band/choir/orchestra concerts have access to such luxuries - wireless accessories included if owned by Theatre.

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