What type of music?

what music format do you use?

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It depends. For just listening to music during a construction day, we just use MP3's. However, for a show we use full quality CD's (or comparable AIFF's).
for personal listneing i use mp3 or my laptop, for music while we work i use mp3 my laptop and cd, whatever is around and for shows i only use cds.
for personal use i have all my music on my comp and iPod. at school we use cds and for most rentals and or shows we usually get stuck with cassette tapes.
for load in, and set construction its usually mp3's, through an iPod through the sound board. For shows, its always cd. I wouldn't mind trying MD though.
For personal use I use my iPod, which imports as AAC (yay apple iTunes!)

For shows I use either mini-disk or MP3 off iTunes.

However, for talent shows or things like that when people hand me CD's right before, I just pop in the CD to the 5 disk changer in the booth.
Personally (in order): MP3s (ipod and itunes), CDs, and occasionally Vinyl when I want the real deal.

Tech: CDs, often MP3s converted to CDs. Authoring done in iTunes (when I'm doing it), Musicmatch (when the other sound guy does it).
SACD! Super Audio Compact Disc

the Best in compression and quility.
CDs and they don't fail me. As long as you have a decent CD player it should be fine. The Sony I use doesn't have much trouble reading past scratches. That and using CDs gives me options that I don't have otherwise. Maybe one day I'll move over to the mp3 revolution, for now though I'll stick to cds.
SACD all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Personal: Mp3, occasional m4a, CDs. For theatre, MDs mostly, occasionally CDs. ^^ MDs own.
usually i just use cds for shows and stuff - we have a really old tape player though, and lots of tapes, but i've never used it since the guy before me said it's crap haha

- Lisa

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