What type of spark effects are safe to use?

Can you use these without a fire permit?

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Jason Raymond

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Hey guys, came across this site. Hi! Artistic Director here, wondering what type of spark effects are safe to use inside and if anyone has had experience with some of these new units called cold spark machines? Found these online from CryoFX but they dont say anything about permits. Other brands say you definitely need one, but people I've talked to said you don't. AAAH!

They look just like fireworks and online doesnt help at all whether you need a permit or not with them. Any feedback would help.


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Welcome to the booth! Not everyone stops by the New Member Board, so you may want to post this question in the Special Effects forum. However, I'm sure you will get about the same answer I'll give you from most others.

Your best bet is always to check with your local Authority Having Jurisdiction. They will know the answer or make one up if they don't. What is required and allowed varies not only from state to state, but city to city. It is up to the AHJ and how they interpret the rules and codes.


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You might go to the NFPA site and ask in their area for pyro if this machine is in fact considered pyro. It might provide some useful information. Pyrotechnics by definition require combustion and materials that sustain combustion. As best I can tell, these cold spark devices do not have combustion and what it produces will neither burn nor continue to burn.

Please let us know what you find out.


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Now, I understand it's "not combustible" but I'm going to point out this is controlled by DMX... Hot or cold, I don't want a material cannon going off while I'm under it.

Additionally, those packets are $90 each...

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