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What types of systems do you use??

Discussion in 'Sound, Music, and Intercom' started by TechiesRule, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. TechiesRule

    TechiesRule Member

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    :?: :?: :?:
  2. ccfan213

    ccfan213 Active Member

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    lights? sound?
    and there r already a few posts on topics like this, one is called something like Whats in your rack? check it out
  3. TechiesRule

    TechiesRule Member

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    Sound and thanks
  4. ccfan213

    ccfan213 Active Member

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    well im not even gunna go into what sound equipment my school has, since were getting all new stuff in like 2 months! and everything we have now is crap, but at the junior high, everything is brand new we have a 36ch soundcraft spirit lx7, all shure microphones, i dont remember model numbers, not sm58s but pretty good, we have a few crown amps and one qsc amp, a cd player, also i dont remember the model, 7 mounted jbl speakers and 4 jbl monitors, a full clearcom system, jbl booth monitors, 2 shure wireless mics (i know only 2) and i think there were a few other things in the rack like an amp that was independant of our system for them to use for announcements during lunch and whatnot... but i dont remember what type. i think its interesting to hear about what other ppl have so i can envy you, the highschool has old broken equimpment im not even gunna mention, i brought in stuff from my brother's band last time i needed equipment, but its early in the year and were spending alot of time setting lights and stuff, so for anything we need i can use our crappy equipment for now...
  5. propmonkey

    propmonkey Well-Known Member

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    Beloit/Milwaukee, WI
    wow a junior high has better or equal to what my highschool has. we have 32 soundcraft delta sr, eaw monitors and speakers, sure beat 58a mics, and some other mics. we have one handheld mic and 8 body mics. alot of rane eqs and a reverb and compressor but thats aboot it.
  6. zackw250

    zackw250 Active Member

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    Bellingham, WA, USA
    body mics... you mean lapels?
  7. ccfan213

    ccfan213 Active Member

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    i know, i am so jealous, i got to use all their equipment brand new last year, it was amazing, they just built the theatre so the lighting was all new too, i wanna see if they will loan some stuff to the highschool
  8. JasonH

    JasonH Active Member

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    Ottawa, Canada
    Mackie SR24-4

    Behringer EP2500
    Crest CA-6
    InterM MA-430

    Community CPL23 (Delay driven fill speakers)
    DAS DA-15 (Main L/R)
    JBL SF-25 (Portable System)
    McBride MCB-10 (Stage Monitors)

    InterM stereo 31 band EQ
    InterM Mono 31 band EQ
    Behringer Shark (delay for fill speakers)

    5 SM-58's
    6 Behringer 58 ripoffs
    Generic drum mic kit (4 piece)

    1 Behringer Stereo DI box
    1 Rat Shack DI Box

    2 Consumer CD players :-(

    and some other stuff.
  9. mbenonis

    mbenonis Wireless Guy Administrator Premium Member

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    Chicago, IL
    Please see my post in this thread for the details of our house sound system.
  10. RelativeMischief

    RelativeMischief Member

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    Kelowna, BC. Canada
    hehe, the nicest system I ever got to use:

    1 48ch Soundcraft MH4

    18 EAW kf750 tops
    12 EAW kf750 subs
    QSC 3500's drove the tops
    Crest 10001's drove the subs
    Front of house rack:

    1 Klark-Technic Stereo EQ
    1 Ashlea Protea
    1 M3000
    1 SPX990
    1 SPX90
    2 Yamaha DDL units (forget the model number)
    14 channels of compression
    8 channels of gates
    1 CD/CDR unit

    On the monitor side:

    1 40ch Soundcraft Spirit Monitor 2
    10 EAW SR200s
    1 EAW kf 650 sub (dual '15 for a thumper)
    4 JBL in-fills


    2 Ashlea proteas
    4 channels of comps
    4 channels of gates
    1 SPX90

    We only used this rig for two shows through out the summer, but the scaled down version was still nifty.
  11. fosstech

    fosstech Active Member

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    Tacoma, WA USA
    Well right now we have a Mackie 1604VLZ-PRO with Mackie SRM450 speakers on stands. We've got three floor mics, and three overhead mics, hanging from one of the electrics. They're Shure Microflex models, but I can't recall the exact models. We're going to get a huge upgrade in May, and I am currently designing the system for the installation:

    We probably will go with an LCR configuration, EAW speakers probably with EAW processing, QSC CX series amps, and a Mackie TT24 digital live console. Here's what I'm thinking. EAW KF360z's for left/right, bi-amped with a CX1102 for MF/LF, and a CX502 for HF. EAW AS300e for center channel, CX302 bridged for that. And either a SB330 or a SB180 for the sub, with a CX702 bridged. We're also looking at new wireless, probably six UHF models in addition to our current two Shure VHF SC series lapels. The TT24 comes with DSP galore, you can have a compressor and gate along with FX on every channel through on board DSP. It has 24 analog inputs all with mic preamps, 8 subgroups, and 100mm motorized faders. The board was designed to have every function available within two button clicks. It also has 12 aux sends (all switchable pre/post), 8 returns, 24 channel ADAT optical I/O, S/PDIF, AES/EBU, and a USB connection to interface with a PC for more extensive control. This board is really only limited by its firmware. I can't wait until it gets installed!

    All this for a slightly larger than 300 seat high school theatre. We also get new ETC lights, too :)
  12. soundman1024

    soundman1024 Active Member

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    Our system

    Soundcraft series 2 console [32chan version]
    Behringer dynamics [4 gate channels 4 "autoquad" channels 4 compression channels]
    TC TripleC
    TC Verb [forgot what it is called]
    crappy delay processor
    Audio Technica series 3000 wireless mics
    DBX dsp
    4 EAW 15" tops on 2 crown microtech 2400's
    2 JBL srx subs on 1 crown microtech 2400
    4 eaw monitors on crown ce1000
    Tascam cd-r
    Sony 5disc changer (i don't know what it is about those sony 5disc changers, they are made for home use but they seem to be some of the best players i've found)
    JVC dvd player
    Shure PSM system
  13. The_Guest

    The_Guest Senior Team Emeritus Premium Member

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    Detroit, MI
    *Main Speakers*
    It's a custom biamped EAW system 18" subs and not sure about the tops. (I have worked with a similar triamped EAW system at a neighboring facilities)

    *FOH Console: Mackie 24x4 (lame)*

    (4) 12" 2-way Renikus Heinz wedges
    (2) 12" Active JBL Eons
    (4) 12" Ev SX300 (apart of the portable system w/ultimate stands)

    (4) Shure SM-58
    (2) Shure Beta 58A
    (2) Shure SM-94 Insturment Condensers
    (1) Shure 55SH-II Classic (It's a must for theater, looks so much professional than a modern dynamic in vintage situations)
    (2) Audio-Technica AT853Rx Hanging/Overheads
    (2) Audio-Technica AT813a Cardioid Condensers
    (2) DPA Fancy Permanent Hanging Mics (for monitoring)
    (4) Crown PCC-160 Boundary Mics
    (4) Sony ECM88 Electret Conddenser Mini Lavalier (I think? Very Nice)
    (2) Sony either CUF780/CUG780 Wireless Handhelds (think Mick Jaggar)
    (10) Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Lavs I have access too. As well as, various different shure wireless models (old crap) I would never touch.

    *Short Portable Rack in booth w/Casters: Playback/Minor Processing*

    -Furman PL8
    -Yamaha SPX90
    -Tascam CD160
    -Marantz PMD502 Casette Deck
    -Tascam DA-40 DAT
    -dbx 2231 Dual 31-Band Graphic Equalizer
    -dbx 2231 Dual 31-Band Graphic Equalizer
    -Patch Bay/Output System

    *Huge Perm Rack in Booth*

    -Remote Sequesential Power Up (Requires a key)
    -Furman PL8
    -Clearcom 4-Chanel Power Supply
    -Clearcom Main-Station (Master)
    -Video Patching System
    -Video Amps/Distribution Units
    -Audio Patch Bay
    -Audio Patch Bay w/ Bridging
    -Crown D75a (Booth Monitors)
    -Lots of blank space covers

    *Huge Perm Rack in amp room (Extra Air Conditioned, hard floors)*

    -Listen Digital Assitive Hearing Stationary Transmitter (w/Antennas)
    -Digital Master Sequestial Power Unit (Stage jacks wired to it as well)
    -Lobby Amps
    -Backstage/Monitoring Amps
    -XTA DP-224 Loud Speaker Proccessing/Management System
    -Dual Patch Bay w/Bridging
    -Speakon Patch Bay w/Bridging Options
    -QSC CX-302
    -QSC CX-302
    -QSC CX-302
    -QSC CX-702
    -QSC CX-502 (I think)
    -QSC CX-502 (I think)
    -lots of blank space covers

    *Huge Perm Sound Rack on stage @ wing left*

    -Furman PL8
    -Remote Sequesential Power Up (Requires a key)
    -Sony MB806A Wireless 6-Unit Chassis for tuner modules (w/Digital Active Antennas mounted on closest catwalks)
    -3 Sony WRU806B Tuner (receivers) Modules in the MB806A
    -Symetrix 302 Dual Channel Preamp (Perm Hanging Mics for monitoring)
    -Marantz PMD502 Casette Deck (WTF?)
    -Mackie 1202VLZ-PRO (on locking sliding tray)
    -Huge Extensive XLR/1/4" patching system for Consoles/Mics/Tie Lines
    -Lots of blank space covers

    *Portable Sound System Rack*

    SKB Gig Rig:
    -Mackie 1604VLZ-PRO (on top)
    -Furman PL8
    -Denon DNC615 CD Player (I think. I don't like denon)
    -Yamaha 31-Band EQ
    -Yamaha 31-Band EQ
    -Yamaha 31-Band EQ
    -a few blank space covers

    SKB Rotoroller:
    -Furman PL8
    -Locking Rack Drawer
    -QSC PLX3402

    -Proco RoadMASTER 24x8x200'

    (4) Ev SX300
  14. PATech

    PATech Member

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    CT (school year); NJ (vacations)
    Our sound gear consists of (at least what I can remember off the top of my head):


    2 Crest Audio XR-20 mixers
    1 24 channel ancient (1980's) Peavy mixer
    1 16 channel ancient (1980's) Peavy mixer
    1 EV/Tapco Entertainer Powered Mixer


    5 Crown Microtech 1200 Amplifiers
    1 Crown Powerbase Amplifier


    2 DBX 31-band Graphic EQ's
    4 DBX Compressor/Limiters
    1 Digital Delay
    1 Behringer Ultra-Curve Pro DSP8024 Digital EQ/RTA
    1 DBX Stereo Compressor Limiter
    1 EV Deltamax Proprietary Speaker Processor
    EV DSP Processing System (in black box theatre)


    3 Sony MDS-E11 rack mount Mini-Disc players
    1 Sony consumer model rack mini-disc player
    1 Yamaha Natural Sound Dual Tray CD-R/W recorder
    1 Harman-Kardon 5 CD-changer
    1 Aiwa worldwide format converting VCR
    2 Tascam dual tape decks
    2 turntables
    1 Panasonic DVD player


    2 EV Deltamax cabs (about the size of EAW KF300's and permanently
    hung as a center cluster)
    2 EV 3-Way cabs
    Various in-ceiling powered underbalcony fills
    4 Martin Audio 2-way cabs with rigging hardware (for effects and black box theatre)
    2 EV/Tapco Entertainer speakers
    4 EV "stage" model 2-way cabs


    12 Shure SM-58
    8 Shure SM-57
    4 EV N-Dym 468
    8 Shure SM-81 Condensors
    10 Telex UHF Diversity Wireless Sets (6 lav/handheld and 4 handheld only)
    8 Crown PCC-160 Boundary mics


    Tele-Q box
    8 Pro-Co DB-1 DI boxes
    Lots of XLR and 1/4" Cable
    2 Furman Power strips
    2 Atlas Power Sequencers
    Telex Soundmate RF-assisted listening system
    full Speakon Patch Bay
    2 input patch bays

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