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What went right ...

Discussion in 'Safety' started by len, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. len

    len Well-Known Member

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    So last week I had to meet a client at their venue, which is 150 miles from the house. The venue passed my name along to another potential client, who was also looking for lighting and I was able to meet them as well. I didn't think the meeting went that well. Didn't think I came off properly.

    But I guess I was wrong. Yesterday they returned the signed contract and retainer.

    Oh, and two other contracts came in.

    And I got interviewed by an industry magazine.

    Some days you just can't screw up if you try.
  2. Wolf

    Wolf Active Member

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    congrats man !!!

    I think it's hard to judge your self sometimes

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