What Would You Do?- Rigging a Shoe to drop


I clicked on the link, however the shoe we are dropping is a boot and show is this Friday. There might be time to add sides, but I don't know. It's hell week/tech week and there are a lot of things that have to get finished.


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;)Maybe you could hire ZFX or FOY and fly a stage hand with a shoe. He just has to learn how to drop it straight. Maybe attach some angel wings and tie it in with the holiday season! ;)

What kind of angel wings? I can think of several, and they differ in their awesomeness by a considerable degree.



Not sure if this picture is any better or not. Anyway thanks for all the advice, we just finished our last performance a few hours ago. Everything went great and the audience loved it.:)

EDIT: if you any questions about how this works, just message me
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I agree that a solenoid hooked up to a control circuit or the lightboard would be the very best way to do this.
I built several "Kabuki Drops" last year, though I've never heard that term used before, always just called them clamps with solenoids, haha.
We used them to deploy choir mics for the last scene of the musical and they've been handy to have around since.

forgot to mention my entire purpose for posting, I think the two piece drop you built is very effective and simple. While a box with side would be very favorable, but the two piece looks like it will work nice, and theres no way for the boot to catch or jam on the sides of the box.
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I know this already happened.
here is what I use. Tie a line to I-bolt and run it through a bock (pulley) onthe end of the batten down. just pull to release. if you use heavy rope the weight of rope might pull the pin.


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Here's my no budget super simple shoe drop device from our current production.

Four screw eyes, a 3" linch pin, and tie line to pull the mechanism. There are several small pullies to feed the line offstage. I added a small corner brace and a zip tie to hold the pin in place after being triggered. You could probably do it with three screw eyes, but the extra screw keeps the pin stable and allows it to pull though nice and stable and smooth.

Be careful how you run the tie line off stage. Don't get it close to lights!

(Our costumer is trying to figure out who my pseudonym is here. Did this help?)

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I used a central locking unit form a car wired to 12v to release something like this. worked a treat. as the button was pushed the solenoid moved pulling the pin and dropped a flag on a flag pole for pirates of penzance.


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Had to drop an Apple for "Drawer Boy" Used a 12 volt solenoid hooked to my FX trigger box. I should draw it out and post it. Cool design for a very visible trick. Yeah that was a fun one.

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