What would you tell a first-time spot operator?

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13 lavs. Piker. :)

In general, though, follow spot is a psychomotor skill; you just gotta do it, a lot. Warn your director and LD, and then, during warmups, q2q, and whereever else they'll let you, just follow people. The more you do it, the easier walkon-pickups will be. And already-on-stage ones, too, I guess.

Keep your hands as far apart as possible and use your whole body to steer, to the extent the light will let you. I personally always wear gloves, so I'm less worried about burns, from older spots.

And expect to have to warm up and get in the groove, every single time.

[ My record is 28 lavs on a Beauty and the Beast show... :) ]
June Abernathy (Disney Theatrical) has a booklet of follow spot excuses she began compiling in Philly many years ago. I think it's for sale on Amazon.
It is! I didn't realize she had another book out. I picked up her Spot Op guide book a few years ago and its great!
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June's book describes a great method for rigging up iron sights too. I like that method if you're trying to save money.

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