What's in your rack?


Aug 30, 2008
I have a little corner at school to do my sound design work in the sound studio. this is my personal stuff.
I have a small Peavy 8 channel sound board
Crown d75 amplifiers
two no-name preamps
M-audio mobile Pre
two soon to be replaced studio monitors
and a G5 imac for playback and design.

In the show that I'm putting together at the moment:
Mackie tt 24 sound board
4 Crown XTi 1000 amplifiers
2 Crown XTi 2000 amplifiers
DBX 166XL compressor limiter gate
DBX crossover
My G5 imac will show up for playback
4 JBL speakers that are permanent in the space
8 speakers hidden through out the set.
edit: personus firepod for output from the computer.


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Mar 25, 2008
Central Wisconsin
We don't have it yet, but here are the preliminary plans for our new Chapel:

LynTec SS-32 Switch
Symnet Arc 2 Remote Control Switch
SymNet DSP
2x EV CPS 2.6 Amps
EV PA2250T Amp
RSS by Roland S1608 Digital Snake Stage Unit Only | Full Compass

FOH Rack:
Telex Soundmate ALD
2x CD Recorders (Type TBD)
Recording Computer
3x Wireless Beltpack Systems (Type TBD, will be Shure, though.)
3x Wireless Handheld Systems (Type TBD, will be Shure, though.)
Antenna/Power Distribution system

And it will be mixed/controlled with an RSS Roland M400 Digital Mixing Console. Can't wait to get everything installed!!!

Citation: System Design by Scott Reidel and Associates, specifically for the Martin Luther College Chapel of the Christ. System specific designs are Copyright Reidel & Associates, 2007.
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Aug 31, 2008

Rack 1
Bi-amp Audia x1
Patchbay x24
BSS Active Splitters x12

Rack 2
Yamaha SPX200 x1
Sennheiser EW500 G2 receiversx x6
Sennheiser active antenna splitters and PSU x2
Crestron Pro 2 x1
Tascam Cassette Deck x1
Tascam CD Player x1
Yamaha SPX 500 x1
JVC Video Cassette Recorder x2
Pioneer DVD Player x1
Pioneer HDD / DVD Recorder x1
Behringer ULTRAGRAPH PRO FBQ3102 x3
Behringer COMPOSER PRO-XL MDX2600 x3
Extron AV Matrix Switch x1
Extron Audio Splitter x1
Extron Video Splitter x1
VBrick VBStar MPEG 2 Streamer / Receiver x1

Rack 3

Behringer ULTRAGRAPH PRO FBQ3102 x1
Chevin A500 150w amplifier x3
Chevin A3000 500w amplifier x8
Chevin A1500 750w amplifier x2
Ebony 100V line amplifier x2
Speakon Patchbay x2


Yamaha M2500-40 x1
Clearcom PL Pro x1
Crestron Touch Panel / Receiver x1
JVC monitor 8" x4
JVC monitor 12" x1
JVC Video Camera x4
JVC Camera Controller x4
Panasonic AG-MX70 Video Mixer
Strand 301
Strand 300 - 125


Strand LD90 24x2.5KW Dimmer Rack x4
Cisco 24 port 10/100 Switch x1
Yamaha M2500-32 Mixer x1


Oct 10, 2008
in our rack we have...

an amp(can't remember what one though, but its 2 channels and very big lol)

marantz CD player
marantz TAPE player
Sony MINI DISC player
be-ringer 2 way equalizer
and a 2 way wireless mic receiver(with only ONE mic because the other one got "lost" (stolen i think :lol:)

and a dmx duplicator(on the back for lighting)
EDIT: we also have a loop system on the rack too :)

not the best rack but there you go:lol:
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Jan 9, 2007
Redwood City, CA
I've managed to build up a budget rack for our (mostly musical) theater:

* 18 wireless
--- 12x AKG WMS80, will eventually have to be replaced per FCC
--- 6x Samson Airline 77 w/ AL1 mini clip-on Tx, will be exchanged by mfg per FCC
* 18 channels of compression
--- 4x Behringer MDX4600, vocals
--- DBX 266XL, vocals or instrument
* DOD RTA (just for fun, doesn't really do much)
* Reverb: Lexicon MX200
* CD: Stanton C.500 dual CD player
* EQ: 3x DBX 231 (for six main output channels, 5.1 arrangement)
* Playback: M-Audio Delta 1010 and Delta 66


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Mar 17, 2005
Mountain Home, AR
I'm kind in a bind for how to reply. In the past 8 months I have worked on three different rigs and am in the process of upgrading the most recent rig. None of the equipment is mine which stinks. I guess I'll give you guys the list of equipment I'm upgrading to.

In the rack:
Crown XLS-602D [email protected] - 2RU
DBX 231 - dual 31 band graphic eq - 2RU
Furman PL-8-II - 1RU
Gator GRC 10x12PU
Yamaha MG166C Sound Board
Alto HPA-6 - Headphone Amp - 1RU


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Mar 17, 2010
Door County, Wisconsin
We have 2 different racks at this point.

Rack #1 (wall mounted):
*Crown CL2 amp - house speakers
*Peavey IPS-800 amp - monitors
*(2) 32 band EQs - house, monitors
*Crossover - house
*Sabine 901 feedback exterminator

Rack #2 -
*(16) Sennheiser EW series receivers
*(4) Sennheiser Antenna Splitters
*Lexicon Effects Processor
*5-disc Sony CD Player
*Super-VHS Tape Player
*Sony DVD Player
*Avocent Longview Wireless Laptop Receiver (for on-stage/in-house presentations where the laptop input can be wireless transmitted to our installed projection system)
*15" Acer monitor for projection system cuing
*VGA-input w/ audio for booth computer into projection system
*ClearCom base station unit
*Power conditioner
*Kramer Switcher/Scaler for projection system
*Touch screen remote for projection system
*Sequential power up switch

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