Whats Your Favorite Crossover ???


I think its about time to start a thread about peoples top choices for crossovers, lets just hear what people have to say good or bad about how efficent and user friendly certain crossover are. Lets hear whats good and what bites.


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Re: Ehats Your Favorite Crossover ???

I fixed the title for you. :)

Anyway, it depends on a while host of factors. For ease of use and simple systems, dbx makes some nice stand-alone systems. However, for a more complicated system I would go with the DriveRack series.


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The Ashly we have works fine, I have no complaints.


I would take the old school Brooks Siren over the Driverack, however in today's world I would pick the XTA's over just about anything. The lake's are cool but unless your packin a lot of digital outboard and onboard stuff it is'nt worth it.

I'm a monitor guy and on a lot of our racks we have Itech's which our awesome amps since you can set up about 20 crossovers with an in depth amount of parameters and recall them at just about any gig.



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Re: Ehats Your Favorite Crossover ???

I'll have to agree with mbenonis on this one simply because I have not had the opportunity to work with anything besides stand alone DBX boxes for small cross overs and driveracks for more complecated setups. I have not really had many complaints about either execpt for the driverack not having as fine control over things like crossover frequency as I would like it to have.


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Re: Ehats Your Favorite Crossover ???

I like all the stuff from DBX but just bought a Behringer DCX2496 cause it's the only 3 x 6 digital x-over under $1200 that I could find (you could actually buy about three for the cost of the Sabine unit). I'm just sayin... it's the easy way to do stereo with an aux fed sub in 1RU without breaking the bank.


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I like some of the older EV models that have the switchable chip in them with different frequency settings. They've got a small IC in the front, and you flip it over if you want a different rolloff frequency. Pretty cool for what it is, and they sound good, and they do their job well. We've got 2 2-ways and a 3-way here. I also like the Driverack (PA or 260, depending on what I get for the gig), for all that it does, it's a great unit.


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Now I haven't played with enough crossovers to be able to make a recommendation except to say that I would be hesitant to buy a DDA crossover. The 3 units in Hire at work seem to spend as much time on the repair bench as they do in systems, though that may be a fault with the older models. But I do tend to think anything that frequently sees the service bench may not be the best choice...
XTA DP224/6, hooked up to Audiocore.

And it's not just good as a crossover :p Fantastic speaker management unit in general (so delays, limiting, 8 band parametric eq), and you can hook it up so it can be set from a wireless tablet!

One of our most productive investments at work.

Anyone used the 4 series kit out of interest?
At our college we had a pair of EV DX - 38s they were a brilliant solution for a smaller system

at work however, we use the much more upmarket Klark Teknik DN9848, which is a 3-in 8-out unit, and one of the best available, very hard to fault.


At my university we just received a BSS Omnidrive, after having a shoot-out with both the Driverack 260 and the BSS. The BSS won hands down for audio quality. Having worked with the XTA processors before, I must agree that they blow me away.


Another vote for anything by XTA! The DP224 and 226 are great, and the newer 4 series is simply stunning. 4 In, 8 Outs in a 1U rackmount, analogue or digital I/O as standard. 28 band graphics on every input, along with 8 filters on every input and output. Fully routable, means you can send any input to any combination of outputs! In my experience it handles everything that you could possibly throw at it. The real winner is in the control interface, networking of up to 128 units, using XLR cable and RS485. Theres also the option for their wireless walkabout kit, plug straight into the crossover and stick the network card into your laptop/tablet pc and control the system from anywhere in the room, major timesaver in larger systems and touring.

I have used the 4-series in monitor amp racks providing 4 biamp mixes, and think they sound great.

I guess the crossover i most want to have a proper play with is the newest offerings from Dolby/Lake, who seem to have an excellent software user interface, and apparently sound great!

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I would have to put in another vote for the XTA units. I have used the DP2000 & DP226 units and find that both are incredibly reliable and produce great results. Native Mac control software would be nice though. Im hoping that some of the DP2000's will be traded out soon for some of the new 4 series units.




on pure analog X-overs I love the ASA x-over, which is a real good sounding no fuzz stereo two way top/subwoofer x-over. Only control is the on/off switch on the front.
On processors I'd like to have an galileo, but because this unit is much much to expensive, I use a Behringer DCX2496, and it works fine. I control and set it using my laptop from FOH.


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