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I Would Like to know where everyone buys there microphones from where the most inexpensive place to buy them

Northern Sound and Light has a limited number of brands and lines that they carry, but they have the cheapest prices that I have found yet. We always buy our new mics from them.
Give Full Compass a shot. Like most sound companies, you have to call to get their price, but it is often the lowest (I have never shopped with NSL, so I can't say how they compare).

Ask for Joel (x1116) and tell him Mike Benonis sent you over.
I would like to remind people that some of the members here are vendors and so naturally will be biased towards their company and the products they sell.
I bought a couple things from Full Compass, and some from ESC. The only marginally bad experience I had with FC was some custom cases they sent. I gave them both interior and exterior dimensions (copies of cases I already owned) and they made a mistake and made them too large. They accepted them back, no charge and got me new so I was happy with their service. Can't say about their prices since everything I bot from them was custom.

Bill's never disappointed either. Always top notch service and product.
What i usually do, if i want to make any big purchase i go straight to the manufacture's website and click on the "find a dealer" link. this will tell you who has been certified to sell that company's product. another advantage to is route is they get shipments from the company so their prices are generally lower.
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