Which do you have?

Which do you have?

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  • Martin

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  • Flying Pig (Think Wholehog)

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Again same thing, I wish you could double poll in a single post, but maybe dave will get us going on that one of these days (wink wink).

However some of us here might actually own martin consoles so I'll add it in. Make sure you let us know what console it is if you vote other, and if I get a brand repetively we can add it in.

*NSI/LEVINGTON* Sorry, you can't edit polls without starting over.
Don't own any consoles yet, that I am probably going to buy a Grand MA in then next few years.

I work with ETC, Martin, GrandMA, HES consoles on a daily basis.

I will be going for training on Avolite consoles in the fall.
i run a strand 300. the best ive used. if only i could get the ole to work...
My school has an ETC Express 125. The theater i'm interning (soon to be working) at has an ETC Obsession. I've never used it (well, I've punched a few buttons during a focus, but never used really used it as of yet.

I must say that I like the Express, and since I know the express, I could understand the obsession, and I am confidant that I could figure out the obsession given half an hour or an hour.
Ten-year-old James Lighting 916 - nice little 16-channel 2-scene preset (plus 16 memory scenes and two 32-step chases). The 916 is still in production. It was a microplex board until James Lighting hired me to design a DMX upgrade (the DMX version still does microplex at the same time). So, of course, I have the first ever DMX version.

But the 916 really isn't good for intels. Each of my intels uses 7 channels: I'd only have two channels left for conventionals. So I bought a cheap American DJ DMX Operator to run my intels. The best thing about it is the price. The worst thing about it is that you get what you pay for.

I designed a DMX-to-microplex translator to let it operate my old microplex dimmers. It's a b***h trying to choreograph a good light show across two separate controllers and, like I said, the 916 isn't good for the intels.

Then I designed a stand-alone microplex-to-DMX translator. I bought cheap used boards on eBay - an NSI MC7008, a Lightronics FC-816 and a decrepit old Sunn (gave it to my nephew when I was done testing, don't remember the model number right now). So, right now I've got an NSI, a Lightronics, a James and an American DJ.

I used to have an old century strand mantrix lol. then an etc express 24/48, at this time i got transfered to another theater and used the greatest piles i have ever used. A strand LBX running genius and some sort of leprecon. However a company rented the place and they brought a flying pig wholehog 3 and some SGI geotto spots.
School has an ETC Express 250. We loves it...although at times it would be nice to have a 48/96 because it's so intuitive. Using the 250, all the cues have to be prerecorded, and it makes on-the-fly lighting rather difficult, especially with only 24 submasters.

And in practice, we generally use only about 160 channels out of our 250; a few more when we hang specials. The 192 channels of the 48/96 would probably be sufficient for our purposes.
My school has an ECT Obsession II. I use it a lot so I like it a lot but I haven't had the chance to use a different board. We rented a flying pig to run our ML for our Variey Show last year but I was doing regular lights so I didn't get to use it.
School has ETC manual 2scene board. I forget the name.
We have a Fat Frog. They are made by a company called zero88, which is based in the UK. They take a bit of getting used to but are very nice boards. They also have a neat way of handling moving lights with parameters to eliminate the need to use multiple channels to control intels. I have been impressed with it's performance and company support so far.

Here is a link to the product info:
church has an Express 250 in the main sanctuary, an NSI 7532 memory controller in our "commons" and like 8 little 8-16 channel NSI boards in all the other rooms

When we get some movers, I'm debating over whole hog and GrandMA...just not sure
Hog 1000 here, great board. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

High learning curve, but once you've got it down, you can program like no other!!!
We use a computer software that a parent who helps with lighting programmed using a DMX/USB converter. It's really nice, especially since I can get anything changed pretty much that I want.

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