Which setup do you think is better:


Here is the first one I came up with:

4 Chauvet Omega Intel. Lights
2 DMX-24 dimmer packs
8 par-38 cans w/ gels
steel truss w/ 2 tripods

and here's the new one i came up with:

10 Par-38B Cans
10 250w par38 bulbs
3 Axman Light Stands
2 DMX-24 Dimmer packs
3 gel sheets
2 mini line dancers

i dunno, i decided to drop the intel. lights after i heard there was only one color+gobo wheel. and the omega II was too big a jump. do you think this will be enough lights for a decent show? we already have a fog machine...? if you have suggestions, feel free to chime in ;-)
Well, I'm counting 12 lights, but only 8 channels of dimmer pack. See if you can budget for one more DMX-24. The mini line dancers aren't super bright, but if you set them up to shoot most of the beams toward the audience through fog, they'll still look pretty cool. I'd still like to see you budget enough for a decent strobe.

k, i reworked the plan, and here's what i got now, i think this is a pretty good start:
on the dimmer pack, each light will have its own plug (4ch w/ 2 sock per chan), so the reds will be on one chan, blues on another, etc.

-8 par38 w/ 250w bulbs
-8 gels (2 red, 2 blue, 2 yellow, 2 green)
-3 Axman 9' light stands
-1 DMX-40 Controller
-3 chauvet omega intel. lights
-1 dmx-24 dimmer pack
-and dmx cables & clamps

watcha think? all for $1020!
I'd drop one of the omegas and get another dimmer pack. Yes, one will handle all eight PAR cans. But where will the par cans be? four on each side of the stage, so you're talking four fairly long extension cords to string, one for each color, from one side of the stage to the other, just for the PARs. It's a lot simpler if you only have to string one plus a DMX cable for a second pack. Less work, quicker set-up and tear-down, less likely to plug the wrong light into the wrong dimmer, fewer cables to trip on... and more versatility to your chases. And two omegas can still put on an impressive show. I'd also skip the yellow PARs in favor of a couple strobes... you can color-mix with the red, blue and green and get a decent yellow, the strobes are good for short bursts of intensity within a song, and you'd probably still come out under a grand.


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