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So, I've acquired some white technobeams and my main venue says we need to do something about them. I even found a some white clamps to match, but I guess they don't like my Studio-54 style fixtures. oh well.

So, now i've got to paint them black. I was thinking about tie dying them, but I can't get any rubber bands around them.

Whats the easiest/fastest way to do this properly and what kind of paint should I use?

Or, anyone want to trade some white technobeams for black ones? Anyone in Seattle bored and want to do this for me?


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You probably want to use a high temp black spray paint, often marketed as BBQ paint. You can pick this up at almost any hardware store. The best way to paint your fixtures is to remove as much of the case as you can and spray the individual pieces. If you can't remove parts that need to be painted, make sure that you cover and openings/joints/moving parts, etc. and then spray them. You don't ned to use a lot of paint, only enough to make a nice coat.


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1) Blue masking tape on everything you don't want to become black.
2a) Flat (or gloss) BBQ Spray paint from your local home improvement superstore, OR
2b) Flat (or gloss) Engine Spray paint from your local auto parts store
3) Repeat as necessary.


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And... CLEAN THE THING REALLY WELL. Any oil on the fixture will cause the paint to chip and bubble... oh and give them a try as a shin... they really work great in that position.


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Yeah, use the hi-temp black spray paint, make sure to cover everything you don't want painted really well. I'd reccomend taking the yoke off and painting that seperately, and removing the mirror while painting if possible, and cover the mirror stepper motor in a plastic bag. Also, as Footer said, clean it really, really, really well. Oil and dirt can ruin a paint job in no time flat. Even go so far as to wash your hands well beforehand and/or use gloves so that you don't get oil from your fingers on to the fixture (and so you don't accidentally paint your fingers black).

Oh, and post some pictures of before and after when you're done so we can see how they turn out. Maybe some of the system in action, too.
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In Seattle but not THAT bored. You might try looking around at some of the computer case mod websites for some tricks and tips... it's a similar project. But yeah basically it's a trip to Home Depot for blue tape and barbecue spray.


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There was a thread awhile back about repainting some ellipsoidels and someone had mentioned using engine enamel paint. I have a bunch of Altman 360Q's in stock which were previously painted with the grill paint. I found this finish a little gross looking with the enamel paint more of a factory stock finish. My only two issues with the enamel is, it is somewhat difficult to find, I think you need to look either online or at car parts stores, and for some reason, when some of the 360Q's I painted are in the sun, the give off a maroon color, this could be a product of their original paint color being olive but I'm not sure. In any event, as these are technobeams, i would recommend grabbing a can of both the BBQ paint and the engine enamel(http://www.duplicolor.com/products/engine.html), paint a sample, and see what you like better. It is your theatre, it should be something you are happy with.


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That was me that painted the ellipsoidals. I used a primer coat first, but I don't know that you need to do that, since the base you have is different than mine (mine was flaking off due to age and neglect, plus there was paint all over them).

However, you've got different problems in that some TB case parts are plastic and some are metal, IIRC. Removing all the case parts is difficult, since the guts are attached to the case in some places. I'm guessing this is going to be a very time consuming project and it may not be worth it.

If I were you, I'd try and sell these and replace them with what you want. The new Strong product is fine if you want a straight replacement and I'm sure you can find something comparable in the used market. There is a market for white fixtures, especially in churches and people who work in tents a lot. I might be interested, if I had the $$$ right now, except I don't.


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The duplicolor engine paint works like magic!

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