Who is going to LDI 2022?


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As usual I am stuck doing Super Computing. So maybe one year I will make it 😂😂😂.


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Well after a suitable amount of procrastination, I booked my travel this morning. I also picked up two speaking opportunities too. Friday I’ll be doing “competent vs qualified” on Friday and “wire rope terminations “ Saturday.


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Competent v Qualified - I'd love to see that. It's a hotly debated subject here in the UK, too, where there seems to be an overreliance on someone holding a ticket for attending a course rather than having demonstrable skills built up through years of experience. I hope it's well received; it should be.
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Can't wait to see where you fall on the "How much tail should be sticking out when I'm done?" issue.
Hey, no religion, no politics... ;)

Seriously, I thought it was 3x the diameter of the wire rope. Do I need a refresher (wouldn't surprise me if I do...)?

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