Who is going to LDI?


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I just got asked to take over another training class about rigging math.....


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So after a lot of thought, my third vax , evidence that Delta has plateaued and is starting to fade a bit, and permission from Mrs. Gaff, I have decided to go! So I'll be your official CB reporter on scene reporting on how things go at LDI. Fingers crossed that she is a bit small but mighty! I'll post regular reports in this sub forum. Join the CB Discord and participate in the Tradeshow thread in order to chat with me (and others who are there) during the convention.

We will plan an official CB meetup on the show floor (typically it's on Saturday at noon, more info to come) on that.

If you haven't posted that you are going in this thread, be sure to do so, I'm looking for old and new friends to hang out with. I hope to see many of you soon!

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