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Hi Everyone, LDI 2023 is coming 12/3-12/5 and it's time for the annual discussion of are you going? When will you be there. If you have a booth what booth number are you in so people can find you. If you are leading a class session what session are you leading? Tell us about what you are doing at LDI 2023.

There will be an official CB gathering. Time and location still to be determined. Watch this subforum for more information.
I will be at LDI. I'll be arriving Sunday morning, so I'm going to miss half the day Sunday. But I'll be leaving on Wednesday. So I'll be around and love to say hello.

There will be an offical CB meet up on the show floor. Time and location to be announced soon, so keep you eyes on this subforum.

I will have a bunch of random CB swag available, so say hello and get some stickers and things.

I'll be doing my usual wandering the show floor and posting my thoughts on what I see. I take requests to check out things that you are interested in. So leave me a message in the "What do you want me to check out" Thread.
I'm flying out next Weds to program the ADJ booth I designed (Booth #1443), I'll be splitting my time between showing off a light show there and checking out the rest of the show floor.
I'm flying in Friday night for a couple classes on Saturday, and back out Wednesday morning. Looking forward to some good time wandering the showfloor this year.
I'll be around. With the new job I'll have to see my availability. Technically I will be on site starting Tuesday
Greetings, fellow CBers!

Apollo owners Joel and Keersten Nichols will be showing the tried and true steel, NEW BRASS GOBOS, PrintScenic plastic and glass gobos as well as a groovy new lens-less light. The CLP-01 uses an unusual collimated light source so gobo projection uses no lensing, yet projects the gobo in sharp focus over various distances, simultaneously.
With the rolling out of the CLP-01 in Q1 of 2024, this product spec sheet will likely evolve, but here is a taste of what's to come!


  • AVID CLP-01 CUT SHEET 2023.11.30.pdf
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