why 2 mic's?


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I've noticed that almost every time that there is a political speech there are 2 mic's on the podium, one right next to the other. Is there a reason for this? I heard that sometimes in a studio they will put 2 mic's next to each other, and one will be for left, and the other would be right, but that doesn't make much sense to me for this. Is there a real reason, or is one just a back-up for the other?
yea. you see a lot of press ones that are only recording.
and only the main two (primery and backup) are feeding the PA.
A couple of years ago I read an article online about the micing of the president's podium. Sorry, I can't remember the url. As far as I've been told those two mics are for reliability, if one goes down, the other can soldier on. At least with the president, those two mics also feed a big splitter for all the press to tap into. One of the stage carpenters I worked with at the theatre I work at during the summers also had a part-time job with a regional cable news channel as a cameraman and a tape-op. When the president came to our area, he said that all they had to do was plug an XLR into the splitter. I don't know if you noticed, but when Bush was new in office he used three microphones on his podium, now it's only two. Also Shure claims that the president has used SM-57's for many years. The mics do sort of look like 57's, but wrapped in some black material and with windscreens. Does anyone know for sure.
1) sometimes it's for reliability. One mic is used, and one is as a spare all wired in case the first mic fails
(note: they will never use both at the same time going to the same output!)

2) one mic for live, one that feeds the press feed.

3) sometimes, at large events like the grammys or academy awards, they use two mics for different arragements. One mic will be a cardiod to be used for single speakers, and one mic an omnidirectional to be used on groups when the member may not be right up to the microphone. Again, they won't use both mics at the same time!

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